Our Clients are typically senior managers, directors and VPs who are aspiring to innovate their strategy and performance for their companies.  They have a belief that with careful precision they will able to attain their desired results.  We work with clients in UK, Germany, Holland, Boston, Washington and now ASEAN.

New Clients?

We are developing new clients in ASEAN and working with PSI Solutions and Leblond Associates in Bangkok to build our ASEAN business based initially in Thailand.

We are partnering with both practitioner and product companies to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

Some of our Previous Clients:

  • Nationwide - Providing Strategy Management Systems support to Business Services
  • BG Group - Knowledge Management and Strategic interventions
  • Unipart International - Supporting their Expert Practices in UK and now ASEAN
  • ASML/ESI - Programming managing and coaching their Project Stepping Initiative through ESI International.
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