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KMUTT lecture 25 April 2013

posted 1 May 2013, 21:38 by Robert Twiddy

40 or so MBA students, with colleague from NLP Top Coach we presented Project Management IQ and EQ on how soft skills play an important role in project management.  Framing the 5 process and 9 knowledge areas of the PMI PMBOK with how you apply EQ using NLP to conflict management, influencing, listening, problem solving, negotiation and handling difficult communication with stakeholders, sponsors, project team and those impacted by projects.

PMI Bangkok Chapter 16 January 2013

posted 26 Mar 2013, 03:29 by Robert Twiddy

The purpose of the presentation is to give the audience an overview of the elements of Project Portfolio Management and how you connect strategy, select projects, measure and manage a portfolio of projects.  Project Portfolio Management captures the essence of 40 years of business modeling and management science applications and presents project portfolio management in a format that is both informative and practical. You'll discover insights into how successful businesses manage their project portfolios - how they choose the projects they undertake, how they get the right balance and mix of projects, and how they allocate their resources across various projects. 

PMI Bangkok Chapter presentation - Alignment

posted 14 Oct 2009, 23:16 by Robert Twiddy   [ updated 17 Apr 2012, 22:34 ]

This presentation focuses on a case study of a Semiconductor company where 600 engineers were trained for six months and team members of 50 large projects were coached for one year in the application of PMBOK principles. A key element to the success of this project was strategically aligning this cross functional organization. This implied:  scoping the program, implementing the right governance, and developing PMBOK training guidelines to suit the customer using a participative approach.

Our esteemed speaker this month will focus on the strategic approach used in this project and highlight challenges, supporting tools, and lessons learned.  

Mr. Robert Twiddy has managed large programs across many industries including: technology and telecommunications, finance, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

Despite his original background in Accounting (member of the ACCA Institute), Robert began his career as a Computer Development Engineer and climbed the “corporate ladder” to become a Program Director at ICL. He then served as a VP of Network Engineering in Digital Equipment Corporation. He was also a Consulting Director at Renaissance Solutions, working with David Norton on the development of the Balanced Scorecard. Robert also owns K-solutions, which is a knowledge management consulting provider for large conglomerates. 

posted 14 Oct 2009, 23:11 by Robert Twiddy   [ updated 17 Apr 2012, 22:37 ]

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