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I'm Kara Ratliff, DAC's school counselor! Let me first begin by saying what an honor it is to serve & support the students at DAC! I'm looking forward to the getting to know each and everyone of you!

A little about me... I am married to my high school sweetheart & best friend, Ricky. Together we have two children, Kaden and Ava. I LOVE baking yummy treats for others and spending time with my precious family! We have a lovable pup (Okie) and a mischievous cat (Bear). They keep us entertained to say the least!

I received my Bachelor's in Psychology from Blue Mountain College and continued my education at Arkansas State University where I received a Master's in Education in School Counseling. School Counseling is my passion! To be a stepping stone for student success fills my heart with gratitude!

My primary goal as DAC's school counselor is to be a resource to success for all students. This is accomplished through individual & small-group counseling and weekly classroom guidance lessons. Through these avenues, students will gain the knowledge, attitudes and skill-sets needed to promote academic, career and social/emotional development - the foundation for student success!

Please reach out to me for further information at or (662) 862-3663.

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Parents: Let's Protect Our Digital Well-Being

It is important that we take the Digital Well-Being of our students very seriously. I have put together a few links to help parents protect children at home as well as at school. Many children have no curfew or rules pertaining to social media and the internet; unfortunately, it can and does affect students in many negative ways. Take a minute to look over the links that discuss ideas for parents and teachers when it comes to the digital well-being of students.


In 2018, we implemented PBIS into our school. It has been an outstanding asset within our school. Its purpose is to reward students' good behavior and use positive student intervention to help eliminate the negative behaviors within our school.

SWAG tags

For 3rd-5th graders, it is my goal to help them appreciate each other by nominating and recognizing other students within the 3rd-5th grades for their unique talents and abilities.

Prepare for High school

Individual Success Plan Guide.docx
Mississippi Career Exploration and Planning Expectations (with links).pdf
MS Student Academic Planning Tool-A Guide for Students and Parents.pdf
Mississippi Diploma Options.pdf