Indraprastha College for Women has been at the forefront of maintaining a green and sustainable College campus.
  • The College has taken suitable steps for optimizing its water usage, harnessing solar energy and converting leaf litter and canteen waste into organic manure
  • IP College has been consistently working to reduce and recycle the waste, so much so that it will soon become a waste neutral campus. The college has also been actively participating in the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign)
  • All activities taking place in the College give due consideration to environmental concerns. The splendid Neem tree, around which the College Canteen has been designed is a witness to the College's caring attitude towards our natural heritage
  • The lush green campus is regularly maintained through the voluntary efforts of the staff and students of IP College
  • During the academic year 2014-15, IP College became one of the first colleges to adequately implement the Environmental Studies Course as mandated by the UGC in that year
  • IP College has also pioneered in carrying out a Self-assessed Green Audit and Tree Census of the college campus through the voluntary participation of the staff and students
  • The College shares its natural heritage and green space with the neighbourhood community and has developed a walking path along the boundary wall of the campus which can be accessed by the neighbourhood community at particular hours