Round 1 Scrimmage

The Round 1 Scrimmage is available online or on paper. Please email Jolene at by November 18 if you want to participate online. There is no need to respond if you want to use paper.


*You send me your list of students so I can set up the online competition.

*I will send usernames and passwords for your students.

*Students will take the seven proctorless tests when they are able or whenever you schedule them to take them.

*Testing is open between 7 am on Monday, 12/5 through 7 pm on Friday, 12/9.

*I will send you student scores over the weekend after testing closes.

*You will not get the electronic copies of the tests.


* I send you electronic files for the tests and answer sheets.

*You administer and score whenever it works for you -- prior to Regionals.

*You DO NOT return the tests to students.

*You shred/destroy the tests immediately after scoring.

*Round 1 tests are not to be used for notes or practices. It is a competition test.