Google Classroom

Much of the information regarding Mr.Eldred's Design & Modeling and Automation & Robotics classes is in Google Classroom. Please see Mr. Eldred for the Google Classroom code.

Online Lesson Plans from Planbook.com

Mr. Eldred is using Planbook.com to plan for class and this is good news because now you can see the lessons for yourself.

Why are all these assignments showing up in PowerSchool?

Because my classes repeat every quarter, it is easy for me bring all the assignments from one class to another.

Why are the due dates on assignments in PowerSchool messed up? When I import assignments from an another class, I need to modify the new dates for the current quarter. There will usually be a delay in correcting the dates, especially at the bringing of the quarter. Please email me if you feel date is incorrect.

PowerSchool Grading

Blank - A blank score has no impact on a student's grade in class. If a grade is blank but the due date is past, please email Mr. Eldred for clarification.

Zero (and/or marked as missing) - Assignment has been graded and is either missing or didn't merit any points.

Incomplete - Assignment has been turned in, but requires more work to be considered complete.

Are you missing assignments, need to catch up on your work? Come in after school on Wednesdays until 3:30. If Wednesday doesn't work for you, email Mr. Eldred and make an appointment for another day.

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Parker has a Facebook page that you can 'Like' and then use that page to stay up to date on news and events at Parker. Please go there now and join to stay up to date!