Assignments & Grading

Assignment Submission

Paper assignments will be submitted for grading in the wire basket (inbox) on Mr. Eldred's desk. Paper assignments will have the students name and hour on the assignment. Failing to supply both name and hour on the assignment means that Mr. Eldred cannot apply the grade to the correct party and the assignment will remain in the in box until the student discovers the problem in their grade and looks for the assignment in the inbox.

Online Assignments - There are a number of assignments that will be completed online. Most of these are short reflective writings, but we are expanding the assignments, so be prepared. Because of the nature of the task of grading these assignments is a little tedious, submissions aren't falling into one "basket", these assignments will be closed out after a few weeks of availability.

Posting Grades

Mr. Eldred will post grades into PowerSchool as often as he can, but realize that there aren't a lot of assignments and most of the class is spent working on projects that take a long time to complete. There maybe a stretch of a week without a new grade posted in PowerSchool. Also, it can take as long as 5 working days for Mr. Eldred to enter grades into PowerSchool after they have been turned in. Assignments from the previous quarter are copied into the new quarter, you may see assignments with due dates in the past, this is because they haven't been updated for the new quarter. Please be patient as it can take a week or two to get everything caught up.

Late and Missing Assignments

We are a little more relaxed about due dates. I do have expectations that students get work done with the rest of the class. If assignments aren't turned in with the rest of the class, a student may get a zero. That student has until the end of the quarter to turn in the missing assignment for a grade. Assignments with a blank, "NG" or "No Grade" or "Not Given", are empty assignments with no grade data. NGs don't hurt your average in the class.


The assignments is a zero because it wasn't turned in. It is possible that the assignment was turned in but was incorrect or incomplete to the point that it merited no points be awarded. We do try to award partial points where possible. GOOD NEWS, We will almost always take assignments for more points after grading. (With exception for online assignments) If the assignment is a zero or has partial points, you can complete the work and resubmit to improve the grade. However, this should be done within reason, it isn't fair for Mr. Eldred to have to grade a bunch of assignments from the first half of the quarter when he busy trying to finish grading at the end of the quarter, hence the expiring online assignments.

Blank Assignments/Weird Dates

Teachers have the ability to copy assignments from one quarter to the next. (or year to year for that matter) I take full advantage of this by copying the assignments from the last quarter. Some weirdness you might see... Dues dates for last quarter. Depending on where I'm at with work and grading, I might have copied the assignments but no updated the dues dates for the current quarter. Grades, including zeros for assignments that aren't "due" yet. I set the due dates at the beginning of the quarter according to my best guess of how the quarter will flow, somethings go faster then expected, others slower. The dues dates should be close and I focus on trying to get this in order that they'll be completed.