Applied Technology is a hands on class with a focus on learning about the process, tools and materials of technology. Many people equate technology with computers, this is not an accurate picture of technology. If you look around the Applied Tech lab, there computers around the room. Computers are a part of technology, one of the many tools we use in Applied Tech. The topic of technology is very broad and for this reason, the class uses different technology situations to learn problem solving through the Design Process. This process is applicable to most other technology areas. Please see the links on the left for specific outlines of activities for 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

Expectations and ConsequencesRule 1 Try and Do Your Best - This is the number one rule because it is your pathway to success in Applied Tech.

Rule 2 Respect Everything and Everyone - Respect is an important part of any environment. It is important that we not waste material or mistreat the tools. There is a limited amount of resources available for us to use in Applied Technology. We want to be sure we don't break the machines or waste material because I may not be able to replace said items this year. It is also important that you arrive to class on time in order to not waste time.

If you are afraid of being late for class, you need to check in with your teacher first, you will probably get permission to be late.

Being Prepared It is important that you come to class prepared! It is unlikely that you will be allowed to go to your locker to retrieve something after class has started. Please bring a pencil with you to every class. Please bring your planner with you to every class.

Rule 3 Be Safe - The best thing we do to be safe is to wear our safety glasses. Tilting on the stools is NOT safe. When tools come into use, we will devote a day in class to safely using the tools.

Consequences - Violating these rules can result in reflection sheets. Accumulating sheets from all classes can result in referrals to the office.

Working after school - If you need extra time to complete work in Applied Tech, Mr. Eldred stays after school on Mondays and Wednesdays until 3:30. We can also accommodate other days after school by appointment.