6th Grade Design & Modeling

Design & Modeling is a new class at Parker Middle School. The class comes from Project Lead the Way, an organization that creates STEM curriculum for K-12 schools. STEM stands for, Science Technology Engineering and Math. In Design & Modeling, students will start by exploring the concepts of Engineering and Technology. Student then learn how to create technical drawings on paper and on a computer using CADD tools. The students spend the last part of the quarter working as a team to create a complete playground design and proposal including computer models.

Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot post information about the curriculum openly on the Internet. Students and parents will be able to access detailed information about the class via PowerSchool or a password protected web-based system or both.

Want to create 3D models at home?

Try SketchUp.

Below are a few example of the kinds of work and projects students will be doing in Design and Modeling.