8th Grade Sketching

Target: I can illustrate my ideas on paper

quickly and simply.

This is a short unit consisting of two worksheets front and back that the kids work through during class. With this packet, the kids learn a simple way of drawing in 3D to illustrate ideas. Part of the technique is to draw lightly at first to develop their design and then darken it in. Emphasis is placed on making drawings that are consistent, neat, clean.

Click here for blank Sketching 801/802, 803, and 804.

Extra Credit Blanks

Most of the work is done in class. We spend four to five days working as a class where students get to see demonstrations of the technique and assistance from each other and Mr. Eldred. Students that aren't done with all the work will take it home to finish when the class moves on to the next unit.

Below is the video for doing the measuring exercise.

Below is a demonstration video for Sketching 804.

If the video of how to draw 804 isn't working, click here.

Sketching Activity 801
Sketching Activity 802a
Sketching Activity 803