* Professional Development Plan/Travel Synopsis

Professional Days - Field Trip Requests Form 9250

The new Form 9250 must be completed by individuals requesting either a Professional Day or Field Trip. Following completion of the approved day(s) the required synopsis must be completed. (See the link below)

PDP - Professional Development Plan

Attention all instructional staff:
Your PDP -Professional Development Plan (formerly PIP) should be in place for the current school year. Please be sure to attach copies of relevant certificates, transcripts, etc. to support your documentation. All novice teachers must develop a PDP while holding a provisional license. Alternate route classes count towards the accrual of hours. Click here for the updated PDP Form.

Professional Development activities accepted for inclusion in the PDP include but are not limited to:
  • Alternate route classes
  • Action research
  • Novice teacher mentoring
  • Committee participation
  • Traditional and online college courses
  • Curriculum development
Click here (document?) for a copy of the district's local professional development plan.

Travel Synopsis for Professional Days

In accordance with the district travel policy, the Travel Synopsis is to be used to report activities/attendance for all professional days, regardless of whether there are any costs associated with the professional day(s). This information must be submitted to the office of the superintendent within fifteen (15) days after completed travel/attendance.  Be sure to include the travel voucher if costs are associated with your travel. 
If you have additional questions about the travel policy/reimbursement you can contact Tracy Weber in central office at tweber@hcstonline.org

Tuition Reimbursement / Guide Adjustment

Tuition reimbursement for instructional staff will be as follows: A maximum of 25 teachers will be eligible for reimbursement up to $3000 per year.  Please note the Governor instituted new changes with regard to tuition and adjustment on the guide. 

You must use the attached "Tuition Request Form" to request reimbursement. All requests must be pre-approved by the Superintendent. Please do not register for a class until you have approval confirmation. 

No tuition will be reimbursed if the college/university is not accredited by by NJ/ US Department of Labor. Adjustments on the salary guide can only be made if the college/university is Accredited and credits awarded are for graduate classes.  Click here for the updated Request for Adjustment on the Salary Guide.
Pre-approval is required for tuition reimbursement
Classes must be graduate level and administered by an accredited college or university
Classes must be relevant to your assignment
All requests should be forwarded to Colleen Smith in Human Resources - 201-662-6731

Is a College or University Regionally-Accredited?

Go to www.chea.org, select Locate Accredited Colleges and Universities, and agree to the search conditions.