Camp, Amber  Linguistics Grad. Assistant, Spring 18
 Kettig, Thomas  Linguistics Grad. Assistant, Spring 18
 Hakim, Jacob  Linguistics Grad. Assistant, Spring 18
 Hughes, Rachel  Second Language Studies Grad. Assistant, Spring 18
 Le, Uy-Di Nancy    Second Language Studies Grad. Assistant, Spring 18
 Li, Peter Chong Jian  Linguistics Grad. Assistant, Spring 18

 Aitor A.Alvarez
 Center for Language and Technology
 IT Specialist

* Available for any assistance with the labs related IT equipment

Lab directors

 Lab Name Email Website Department
 Phonetics Lab
 (Phon Lab)
 Anderson, Victoria
Web Linguistics
 Tracker Lab
 Schafer, Amy
 Grüter, Theres

 Second Language Studies
 Child Language
 Acquisition Lab
 Deen, Kamil Ud kamil@hawaii.eduWeb Linguistics
 Second Language
 Acquisition and
 Bilingualism Lab
 Grüter, Theres
 Schwartz, Bonnie
 Second language Studies
 Schafer, Amy aschafer@hawaii.eduWeb Linguistics
 Lab (SOLIS)
 Drager, Katie         Web Linguistics
 LangDoc &
 Kaipu Archive

 Berez, Andrea         Web  Linguistics

Affiliated faculty





 Bley-Vroman, Robert vroman@hawaii.eduWeb Second Language Studies
 Cheon, Sang-Yee
 scheon@hawaii.eduWeb East Asian Languages & Literatures
 Donegan, Patricia donegan@hawaii.eduWeb Linguistics
 Fukuda, Shin
Web East Asian Languages & Literatures
 Hawkins, Emily
 Hawaiian Indo-Pacific Languages
 and Literatures 
 Kanno, Kazue kanno@hawaii.eduWeb
 East Asian Languages & Literatures
 O'Grady, William ogrady@hawaii.eduWeb Linguistics


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