Human Subjects

Working with human subjects

Nearly all research with human subjects conducted at UH requires review by the committee for the protection of human subjects.

You can find out if you need full review or merely a "Declaration of Exemption" review here.

If you believe that your research qualifies for exempt status, you may use the Declaration of Exemption Form (in Word Format) here. Please note that this form is only applicable for exempt research.

If you think that your research need an approval from the Committee on Human Studies, or if the Committee determines that the research is not exempt, then, you will need to fill out an application for New Approval/Application From (in Word Format) here.

Further examples of consent and feedback forms for all, as well as specific information for Linguistics Department researchers interested in the Linguistics Beyond the Classroom subject pool are also available for on this site.

Finally, here are examples of supporting documents (a consent form and a research proposal) for the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects and some samples for experiment such as Sign-up Template, Record of Subject Payment,Record of Subject Number/Experiment Version, Map and Directions to the General Lab (TP 107).