Studying Resource

Take the Study Skills Self-Survey ....

A = Always
S = Sometimes
N = Never

Use of Time

Do you keep up to date in your assignments?

Do you have a set time to study each day?

Do you divide your study time among the various subjects to be studies?

Physical Setting

Is the space on your desk large enough?

Is your study desk or table neat and free of distracting objects?

Do you study in a quiet place, free fro noisy disturbances?

Do you study mostly by yourself?

When you sit down to study, do you have the equipment and materials you need?

When you sit down to study, do you get settled quickly?

Before reading an assignment, do you make use of clues such as headings, heavy print, pictures, etc?


Do you look a chapter over before reading it?

As you read an assignment, do you have in mind questions which you are actually trying to answer?

Can you find the main ideas in what you read?

Do you try to get the meaning of important new words?

Are you able to read without saying each work to yourself?

Note Taking

As you read, do you take notes?

Do you review class notes as soon as possible after class?


Do you try to become interested in the subject you are studying?

Do you try to set purposes and goals for yourself in your studies?

Do you try to understand thoroughly all material that you should remember?

When studying material to be remembered, do you try to summarize it to yourself?

Do you spread the study of a lengthy assignment over several study sessions?

Do you try to relate what you are learning in one subject to what you are learning in other subjects?

Study Helps

In addition to reading a textbook and handouts, do you read other materials for the course?

When you have questions about your work, do you try to arrange to talk them over with your teacher?

Do you discuss the content of your studies with others outside of class?

Tests and Examinations

Do you make special preparations for tests?

In studying for a test, do you spread your time over at least two sessions?

Do you combine important notes on your textbook and from class into a new master outline in studying for an exam?

In preparing for a test, do you review the important facts and principles?

In preparing for a test or exam, do you try to predict the questions?

On the night before a major test or exam, do you get to bed about your usual time?

Totals _______  Always ______ Sometimes ______ Never ______

Do the following:

  1. Put an "x" through the questions that you marked "A." (Since you already have these skills, do not worry about them)

  2. Underline the questions that you have marked "S." You may wish to improve on these.

  3. Put a circle around the questions that you have marked "N." (These are the areas in which improvement is needed)

  4. Discuss how you may improve upon your weak areas.  Pay special attention to these areas during the program.