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 Music Festival

Students will be required to perform a second exam in late April or early May - after our spring concert. Students will be required to perform scales, prepared solo and sight-reading. We will be looking for an improved scale performance and solo performance. The solo will be the same one prepared for the examination at the end of first semester.

Alternatively, students may perform their examination solo or another (selected in consultation with your instructor) in the local music festival. The PVEC Music Department will pay the entry fees and make arrangements for an accompanist. Students are responsible for transportation to and from the festival venue. Those with festival experience will realize that the top festival mark hovers around 95. An excellent festival mark is often in the 85-92 range, with very good marks in the 80-85 range. With this in mind, the festival grades will be scaled by adding 8.1% to the grade received from the adjudicator.

Students who commit to taking part in the festival and withdraw will be responsible for the entry fee and will be required to perform a second playing examination.

If you need to contact me, the easiest way to reach me is by email: Mr. McConnell.

Instrument Rentals

The instrument rental fee is $75.00. These funds are used to repair and replace our instruments at Park View Education Centre. Payment by check is preferred, please make checks payable to PVEC Music Dept..

Concert Schedule