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Please add the new music-drama-dance organization website to your contacts. You will find a collection of dates, performances, needs, meetings, etc. All in one place!


Basketball Pep Bands, 2022-23

  • Dec. 1

  • Dec. 13

  • Dec. 15

  • Dec. 22 (ugly sweater night)

  • Jan. 9

  • Jan. 17

  • Jan. 24

  • Jan. 28 (Saturday) Silent Nite, 3pm, BIG game

  • Jan. 30

  • Feb. 2

  • Feb. 10 (pep band senior night)

Fall Band Concert, Monday, November 21, 7pm. East High School Auditorium. Free admission. Features all three bands and a finale.

Yes, we just had the parade on Saturday...tis the season to perform!

Symphonic Band arrive 6pm for 6:15 rehearsal

Concert Band and Wind Ensemble arrive at 6:30 for warm up and concert attire changing.

  • EVERYONE wears marching pants and dress shoes (if you don't have dress shoes, wear marching shoes)

  • CONCERT BAND shirt - any color, no words, no pictures/logos

  • SYMPHONIC BAND shirt - white

  • WIND ENSEMBLE shirt - white button down (you will get a red bow tie tonight)

Please bring family and friends to concert! Admission is free!

Final Performances for Trimester 1, 2022

Green Bay Holiday Parade, Saturday, November 19. all morning (specific times will be announced when the schedule is announced from Downtown Green Bay)

Schedule for the morning of the parade:

· 9:15am - Arrive early to change into uniform = black marching shoes, black socks, white gloves, full marching uniform and santa hat (remember to wear appropriate amounts of clothing under uniform to stay warm). Santa hats available in band room if you don’t have your own. Hats must be red and white or red and black.

· 9:45 – at school to load bus. Door 8. You will get instrument, etc., out of band room. We will not take cases, only instruments.

· 10:00bus leaves school.

· 10:05 – bus unloads downtown.

· 10:00 – parade begins

· 10:30 – estimated time that East group will begin marching [we are unit #46]

· 10:50 – estimated time that East group will return to school

· Make sure to eat breakfast. It is not a long parade but will still require a fair amount of energy (especially in cold weather).

· Dress appropriate for weather.

If you are watching the parade in person, we will be marching during the first half of the parade. Catch us on Jefferson Street!

From GBAPS District Offices:

After much discussion, the decision is to continue with our participation in the Holiday Parade tomorrow morning. The event organizer, Jeff Tilkens, will make the following accommodations for our students: the Band Directors will let the bus drivers know when they feel it is safe to leave the school to arrive at the staging area before their time to march. When the bus is on site, the staging area coordinator will let the Band Directors know 10-15 minutes prior to their time slot so the students can line up in the shortest amount of time outside. Finally, the bands will only march in 1/3 of the parade route and exit at Pine St. where the buses will be located to pick up the bands to bring back to their schools. (Jeff Tilkens will work with the Green Bay Police to move/park the buses on Pine St.)

Please send reminders to your families that the students should wear appropriate clothing for tomorrow's weather and that this event is voluntary with no grades attached to it so if they choose not to have their child participate in this event due to the concerns of the weather/temperature, they may opt their child out of the event.

Please send an email to kliken@gbaps.org before 9am Saturday if you are opting out!

Parade line up

GBAPS Marching Showcase

at Southwest High School

Oct. 8, 2022

Recordings from the Showcase are embed above

YOU are responsible for taking your instrument, music, and full uniform to Southwest on Saturday. The band room will be open from 9-9:30AM only. Plan ahead, please!!!!!

Schedule for the Day

A bus is available if transportation is a challenge. Students need to be at East at 9:30am. Bus will leave East at 9:45am. After the show the bus will return to East at approximate 3:00pm.

10:00am arrive at Southwest – leave case in commons

10:30am meet on football field to run through show

11:00am stay on football field for combined rehearsal

Noon lunch

12:30pm dress – full uniform (marching shoes, black socks, marching pants, jacket, overlay, white gloves, hat), you must take these home Fri if not on bus

12:55pm report to field for start of show

1:00pm show starts w/school songs and SSB

2:00pm approximately time of show conclusion, clean up homeroom and take uniforms and instruments - bus leaves Southwest at 2:30

3:00pm approximate time - East band room will be open to drop off instruments and uniforms

9th annual marching band poster.pdf


remember that this is your first performance grade

Sept 30

  • 8:30 - combined rehearsal on field

  • 2:00 - pep assembly

  • 5:00 - parade (arrive at 4:00 to change into uniform)

  • 6:25 - pep band (finish uniform dressing at 6:15)

  • 7:00 - game starts

  • 7:45 (approximately) - halftime and marching show

  • 8:15 (approximately) after marching show, put everything away, change out of uniform and hang it up

Pep this Week

Thursday, 6-7:15pm (playing for soccer and volleyball) we will go to the stadium bleachers by 6:10. Please be on time.

Friday, 6-8:15pm (for football, dress up theme is "at the beach") We will not be as rushed as last night.

As always for pep band, enter door 8.

Yeah!!!!! First pep band of 2022-23!!!!

Friday, Aug. 19.

arrive at door 8 between 6pm and 6:15pm

warm up at 6:15pm

move to bleachers at 6:30pm

done approximately 8:15pm

(you may be picked up in the parking lot by the football stadium - be careful with the traffic)

OK, everyone! Let's try this again.

Band camp returns tomorrow, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, at 6:30pm. We will go until 8pm. Our agenda has changed a little bit since I last saw you. I have done my 5 days of isolation, and will be back. I WILL be masked and distancing yet until next week. This is what we will be doing:

  1. warm -up with instruments

  2. hand out pep band music for new people

  3. rehearse pep band music with new people following along, and then maybe trying a little

  4. go through expectations for pep band performances

  5. rehearse more music

  6. try on uniforms for sophomores and freshmen while everyone is rehearsing

  7. try some new music

  8. finally get lockers for the people who have been waiting so patiently

Do the same thing again on Thursday ;-)

No band camp Tuesday.

Sorry guys, I need another day. We will definitely meet on Wednesday. Need to work on pep band music for Friday night's pep band. So sorry about all of this. Please pass the word.

Pit for musical will meet on Wednesday, but for a shortened time. (noon-1:30)

Camp also Cancelled for Monday, August 14

Sorry everyone. I tested positive for Covid Friday morning. I am hoping to be back on Tuesday, but we will see how things are going. Keep checking this website. This is where I will post everything first.

Camp Cancelled for tonight, Thursday, August 11

Sorry for the inconvenience and late notice. See you Monday at 6:30 (drummers at 5:30)

Marching Camp Dates 2022

The all the dates for this camp are for everyone enrolled in East HS Band. Please attend as many as possible. We will be assigning school instruments for those who need them as well as handing out music and trying on uniforms. We will be on the field and in the room during these camp dates. Please wear appropriate shoes (and your epi pen if allergic to bees).

Park in the staff parking lot between Baird and the football stadium.

Enter door 8 (same area as parking)

If you have an instrument at home, bring it each camp day!

August 9, 10, 11 (6:30-7:30pm)

drummers will start at 5:30 and join everyone else from 6:30-7:30

August 15, 16, 17, 18 (6:30-8pm)

1st Pep Band 2022-23

August 19 (6-8pm)

Alumni are invited to perform, too!

East Band 2021-22

You were awesome on the 11th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many positive comments from runners including one of the ladies who works at McDonald's, friends of mine, past music parents and former band students. Special shout out to our guest snare drummer, Adriana Montoya Valdez! You rock, girl!!!

June 11, 7:30-9:30am (10:00am)

Pep Band Performance During (and in the middle of) the Bellin Run

This will kind of be like a water station during a run, but instead of handing out water, we provide music. We will be set up at Miracle Field/Allouez Optimist Park on Libal St. [See map below] A tent is being provided to keep us out of the sun. It will also come in handy in case of rain.

Streets will be closed down after around 7:35 for the run. Closed streets will include, but are not limited to, Baird, Libal, Webster, St. Joseph. Park on the "outside" of the route if you come later than 7:30 or need to leave in the middle. Please allow time to walk from your car or house.

Donuts will be provided :-)

Uniform Dry Cleaning Fee Due

Reminder that there is an $8 cleaning fee for band uniforms. Please bring $8 to the band room before the end of the school year.

We receive a special deal from one of the local dry cleaning companies so the $8 cost is very reasonable.

Final Exam

Final Exam for Tri 3 is our performance at Graduation

Sunday, June 5 at UWGB Kress Center

Arrive between 6:15-6:30pm

Band begins playing at 6:35pm - go to the graduation page for more information

Tri 3 Concert May 11th at 7pm

"A Night At the Movies"

Arrive for warm ups by 6:30pm

Concert dress:

> marching pants

> dress shoes (or marching shoes)

> shirt

wind ens - white w/red bow tie symphonic - white concert band - any color

_Solo-Ens_State_STATE times 2022.docx

Congratulations on a successful Solo-Ensemble Festival!!!

The following events have qualified for the State Festival (May 7 at UWGB) - state events are limited to class A with a specific score

bassoon solo - Charly Pyper

trumpet solo - Peter Kiernan

drum set solo - Lucas Thephavong

parade drum duet - Xavier Borley and Lucas Thephavong

woodwind ensemble - David Ayala, Maddie Eckberg, Anna Christopherson, Victor Martinez, Addison Schmidt, Henry Page, Luis Gaytan, Maggie Lutz, Adriana Montoya Valdez, Larson Parks, Charly Pyper

marching showcase 2021.mp4


GBAPS Marching Showcase

The entire show is linked above and the East only portion at approximately minute 42.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Parents/Guardians: we need your help, too! Please sign up to donate bottled water or cookies OR donate your time by helping to serve lunch on the 9th (11am-12:30pm). Here is the link for sign up / Thank you!!!!! / Rehearsal 10:30 / Lunch 12:00 / Uniforms 12:30 / Move to field 12:45 / Show 1:00

8:30am - released 10 minutes early for combined rehearsal during Home Base

2:00pm - all school pep rally (City Stadium - if rain, gym) play pep tunes as students assemble, play SSB, play school song, teach student body RDP cheer to drum cadence

4-4:30pm - report to band room to get dressed for parade (marching shoes, your own black socks, marching pants, your own school color t-shirt, white gloves)

4:30pm - report to front of school with instrument and music for parade

5:00pm - homecoming parade

Parent Network is selling tale gate food in the City Stadium parking lot after the parade if you are looking for a quick meal. In the past it was $6

6:00pm - report to band room to add jacket and overlay to uniform (no food or drink other than plain, clear water)

6:30pm - in Stadium bleachers with instruments

7:00pm - game starts

approximately 7:50pm - halftime and marching show

approximately 8:15pm - end of halftime, uniforms hung up and instruments put away - you are free to go back to the game or go home

THANK YOU!!! Go Red Devils!!!

Email Mrs. Iken with any questions kliken@gbaps.org

(emails will not be answered after 4pm on Friday)

Final Performances for Trimester 1 are coming soon!

Nov. 20 - Downtown Green Bay Holiday Parade - The parade starts at 10am. We will know our spot in the parade soon, but it takes more than a couple minutes to get set up. Each student will need time to change into their uniform (full uniform) at school and get their instrument ready. Then we need to load students and instruments in the busses that will take us to the start of the parade. Please plan on 8 to 12:00. It will be less than that, but the exact times are not available yet.

Nov. 23 - Band Concert at East High School - This concert will begin at 6pm and conclude by 7pm. Students will need to report to school at 5pm in order to get into uniform (marching pants, dress shoes or marching shoes and a shirt as directed by teacher) and get instruments ready.

Final Exam time will be used for our final rehearsal before the concert (Wind Ensemble and Concert Band on Monday, 11/22, and Symphonic Band on Tuesday, 11/23)

Concert Band Shirt - choice of any color (no words or pictures)

Symphonic Band - white shirt

Wind Ensemble - white button down shirt and bow tie (bow tie will be provided)

2021 Fall Pep Band Schedule

You will need 3 out of 4 of these pep band events for an A on your pep band grade:

Aug. 20 (varsity football)

Sept. 3 (varsity football)

Sept. 23 (between JV and varsity volleyball)

Oct. 8 (varsity football)

2021 Homecoming

Friday, Sept. 17

4:00 - 8:30PM

GBAPS Marching Showcase

Saturday, Oct. 9 at East

9AM - 3PM

2021 Marching Band Camp

Keep your fingers crossed for a "normal" start to the school year!

August 17, 18, 19


enter in back of school Door 8, near football field

First Pep Band for Football

Friday, Aug. 20, 6:00-8:15pm. No uniforms. Alumni invited to play if you have your own instrument. Uniform is t-shirt and jeans or shorts.

Uniform Fittings

All band students will be fitted for uniforms. These uniforms are only worn for special performances (Homecoming, Marching Showcase, Holiday Parade, Concerts). Seniors are fitted first.

Everyone gets the chance for fittings during Marching Band Camp. We will start before each camp night and run through the rehearsal. It is easiest, and quickest, if you wear shorts or leggings and a t-shirt or tank top to camp. You can try the pants on over shorts or leggings, and the jacket over a t-shirt or tank. Please wear or bring socks, too. We have marching shoes to fit also. If you can't make it to camp, we will continue fitting during the East Registration times on Aug. 24 and 26.

Week of Aug. 9: Seniors are getting fitted for uniforms and drumline has concluded six nights of rehearsals and drum assignments.

Parents of Freshmen, please read the "pep band" page on times and procedures.


Band Online 2020We can do this everyone!!!!So this is maybe not the best way to have band, but for a couple weeks, it is the only way to have band. I am working on things for you to do to start getting ready with the music that was handed out before and during final exams. I will be sharing google classroom work for you to do, even if you don't have your instrument or music. I do hope you took these items home, as well as your laptop. Please take the week of Spring Break for yourself and get ready for some interesting work starting March 23rd. Check your school email and sign on for classroom.2019-2020 Fall VideosShowcase Videos HereHOMECOMING VIDEO HERE



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Concert Band - Covid Concert 2020

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