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Free Band Instrument Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...Instruments and Music
If you are new to band at East, returning from a trimester off, or left something in your locker during quarantine, you can pick those items during registration hours! This is what you do:
  • Let Mrs. Iken know approximately when you will be attending registration so she is ready.  kliken@gbaps.org 
  • Come to door 8 (back of building near football field)
  • Knock on door and wait for an answer
  • Items will be brought to you at the door. You will not be able to come in and get them.

Musical Announcement
If you are interested in being in the musical in any capacity (actor/singer/dancer, pit orchestra, stage, costumes, tech, hair/make-up) and have not filled out the musical survey, please do it now. The survey and all musical information can be found on the facebook page. The title of this year's musical and updated information can be found on facebook. The link for that page is https://www.facebook.com/EHSchoirandmusicaltheatre/

Calendar Clipart Month - Calendar For A Month , Transparent ...Calendar Update
Any dates on the calendar as of August are tentative. Everything will depend on where we are at with format of school (virtual/blended/in person). Pep band will depend on the format of school and whether sports will be played and have spectators.

Fall Marching 2020, GBAPS

We understand that everyone wants answers about the future and wants everything to return to ‘life as we know it.’ But as we know very well with COVID, all plans change very quickly and we have to make adjustments. Just as the district’s priority is the health and safety of everyone, our first priority is keeping everyone safe. In order to do so, we have been having conversations with the district and there are a lot of questions with the playing of instruments and the aerosols they produce.  

The GBAPS Band Directors want to try to give you some insight as to our intentions so you can plan accordingly: 

  • We will not be holding summer marching band camps for all GBAPS High Schools. 
  • Individual directors will be contacting their students/families if they want to have a meeting prior to the start of the school year with administrative approval. 
  • As for our fall marching season we are following an if/then plan according to what the district decides. Our plans are as follows:
    • We will be strictly enforcing all social distancing recommendations (maintaining six foot distance) as well as face covering requirements (students will wear masks until they play their instrument)
    • We will not be utilizing uniforms this school year. Individual directors will be in contact regarding performance attire.
    • If school begins fully in person
      • Our marching show will look different. We will perform music as a standstill on the field.  
    • If school begins in a hybrid  model
      • We will perform music as a standstill on the field.  Other aspects of performing at the games will be determined by the parameters set up for the event by administration. 
      • Pre-game pep band may be possible
    • If school begins virtually- we will not be performing for fall sports. We will still rehearse fall marching music in some fashion in fall (If you have creative ideas, let us know!) 

At this time, directors will share anticipated event calendars with the understanding that all events are subject to change.  

Please know that all of our plans are simply plans.  

We must remain flexible as we are still unsure how everything will actually play out. We are just as uncertain and unsure as all of you and wish we had answers. Know that we will make every effort to provide a performance opportunity for our students. All four high school band directors are committed to working together to make sure all of our students are provided the same opportunities.  

If you have any questions please reach out to your director.  

Stay safe and healthy,  

Sara Baye, Southwest HS                                       Karen Iken, East HS                                     Danielle Scherer, West HS                              Megan Sweeney, Preble HS            



It's Concert Time!
Our "Covid Concert" is Here

Each performance is 2.5 to 3 minutes in length. Please watch each one to support the entire band program. I commend you for the work you did to make this work.
While the music selected was all done before anything happened in this interesting period of time, the music actually fits the things we ended up experiencing.
A note to our non-band viewers: at no time were performers actually performing together. Each student provided recordings of their own part and they were mixed into a collective performance. 

Concert Band, Glory.mp4

Sym Band, Dr. Who.mp4

Wind Ens, Pirates.mp4

  Band Online
We can do this everyone!!!!

So this is maybe not the best way to have band, but for a couple weeks, it is the only way to have band. I am working on things for you to do to start getting ready with the music that was handed out before and during final exams. 

I will be sharing google classroom work for you to do, even if you don't have your instrument or music. I do hope you took these items home, as well as your laptop. Please take the week of Spring Break for yourself and get ready for some interesting work starting March 23rd. 

Check your school email and sign on for classroom.

East Band Slideshow 2019-20

Parents of Freshmen, please read the "pep band" page on times and procedures.

Image result for RECORDINGRecordings of Pep Band music can be found on the Pep Band Page.


Silent Night is a high school homelessness awareness benefit started by East basketball coach, Rick Rosinski. East and West take one home game each year and play both varsity games on a Saturday (JV games on another night of the week) and add extra components to the games. These things include a costume contest, school hot wing eating contest (sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings), pep bands from both schools and complete silence at the beginning of each game until one of the teams scores 10 points.
This year the game is at East (next year it will be at West). Due to the fact that our show choir, Rhapsody, has a competition that day, we will perform before the 1st game instead of the 2nd game as is customary. Band members in Rhapsody can make it back for the 1st game only. 
Here is the East pep band schedule for Silent Night, February 1, 2020:

arrive at door 8 between 4:00 and 4:15 pm for announcements and warm-up

move to the gym at 4:30perform pre-game starting at 4:35perform 

Nation Anthem at 5:00

return to band room at 5:05 to put away instruments At that time you may either go home or return to the gym to be part of audience (free of charge). Rhapsody members will return to DePere for the remainder of the competition Silent Night is one of the ten pep bands on our schedule - remember you need 7 total basketball pep bands for 100% in pep band performance!

Concert Time!!!!
Band Concert
November 19, 2019
(in uniform before 6:30pm)
**Holiday Parade**
November 23, 2019

Students must take instrument, music and UNIFORM w/shoes home on Fri., Oct. 4

Morning Rehearsal Schedule

Show Order


East Field Time

  • Star Spangled Banner-GBAPS

  • Preble HS Show

  • East HS Show

  • Southwest HS Show

  • West HS Show

  • BMB Show

  • Combined GBAPS & BMB Tune-Handclap


Southwest Field Time


Preble Field Time


GBAPS Rehearsal


Group Rehearsal (with Eau Claire)


Interaction Time

Concessions Menu

starting at 12:00

East HS - may not eat while in uniform

  • Hamburger: $3.00

  • Cheeseburger: $3.25

  • Brats : $3.00

  • Salmon’s Hot Dogs: $2.00

  • Assorted chips: $0.50

  • Assorted Candy selection - $1.00

  • Assorted soda -$1.00 cans

  • Water - $1.00


GBAPS Students Eat Lunch $5 (need lunch count on Monday, Sept. 30, payment by Oct. 4)

Big pieces of pizza, 1 or 2 
Sweetango Apples courtesy of the Apple Store

Eau Claire Practice


Eau Claire Eat/GBAPS Students get into uniform



our first "concert" of the school year
"I'm A Believer, the music of Shrek
Friday, Sept. 27th
Thursday, Sept. 26 - students will try on uniforms during class to make sure they have all the parts and that they still fit
Friday, Sept. 27 - 1st hour, all band students will have a combined rehearsal during their 1st hour class. This is the only time we will put the marching show together with everyone. 
Friday, Sept. 27 - 5th hourthere will be an all school pep assembly for homecoming in which the combined bands will play pep band tunes and the school song.
Friday, Sept. 27 - 4:30pm, all band members must be ready for the Homecoming Parade. The band room will remain open after school for any students wishing to stay. Students must be dressed in marching pants, black socks, marching shoes and pep band shirt before 4:30. Marching uniform and shoes are kept at school.  Football players are excused from the parade.
Friday, Sept. 27 - 5pm, Homecoming Parade. This will start in front of the school, moving West on Walnut then North on Roosevelt and East on Cherry. The parade will end by 5:30 in the staff parking lot in front of door 8 and the Stadium.
Friday, Sept. 27 - 6pm -8:30pm, pep band and half-time marching show for football game. Students will add the marching jacket and marching overlay to their uniform at 6pm. Parent volunteers will be available to help. Students are not allowed to eat or drink anything while in full uniform except for plain clear water. Uniforms must be hung up in assigned garment bags after halftime. Football players who are not starters WILL march the halftime show. They will remain in football uniform and their instruments will be brought to the field for them.
There will be concessions available from 5:30-6:00 in the staff parking lot. Tailgate type food (brat or hot dog, chips, cookie, soda/water) will be on sale for approximately $5. You may also send food with your student or feed them before the parade.

August 23 and 30
Arrive 6pm (see change above), door 8
play in Stadium (outside, dress appropriately) at 6:25
done at end of half time (approximately 8:00pm)
August 13, 4:00-5:30pm
Please let Mrs. Iken know that you plan to attend on this GOOGLE DOC
Food, games and Ice Cloud truck!
All music department students invited!
SUMMER DRUMLINEThis is for new AND returning drummers who wish to get a head start                              

for the year and be involved in extra performances. 
               Final rehearsal is August 14, 5:30-6:00pm (before marching camp
Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores:
Aug. 8, 2:30-4:30pm
Freshmen only:
Aug. 8, 5:30-7pm
during marching camp, Aug. 13,14,15

August 13, 14, 15
June 17, 18, 19
Preble High School

...from 2018-19

East Band 2018-19


                                        ...from 2017-18

EHS Band 2017-18


Green Bay East Concert Tour 2017 New Orleans

East Band Pictures 2015-16