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olI am proud of the really outstanding students I've interacted with.  Helping to shape the thinking and careers of curious, self-motivated, and independent young investigators is really the most rewarding part of my job.  
I encourage students interested in joining my lab to write me.  Prospective students should be aware that both of the Chicago-area programs with which I am affiliated are highly selective -- strong credentials and/or exceptional promise are needed to gain admission.  In most cases, both universities restrict admissions to students seeking doctorates, although exceptions are made for foreign nationals. To offer you much useful feedback on the subtleties of applying, I'll expect a synopsis of your educational background or CV and a statement of research interests.
Students from other museums and universities who wish to visit and work in the Field Museum's mammal collection can review information on our scholarship, internship, and fellowship programs at Field Museum's Scholarship Committee site
Information about current and past trainees is presented below. 
Current Trainees

Field Museum of Natural History

Regan E. Dunn

(2016-2018) Negaunee Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellow, Field Museum of Natural History -- Cenozoic evolution of South American landscapes

Holly L. Lutz
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago & Field Museum of Natural History -- Microbiomes of African bats (co-supervised with Jack Gilbert, UofC)

Terry C. Demos
Brown Postdoctoral Fellow, Field Museum of Natural History -- Genetics of Kenyan Bats

Lake Forest College

Brittany Schweiger
(2016-2017) Senior thesis, B.Sc. -- Geometric morphometrics of African house bats, Genus Scotophilus

University of Chicago

Ph.D. candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology -- behavior and morphology of Panamanian bats (co-advisor with Jill Mateo)

Dallas Krentzel

Ph.D. candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology -- evolution of the masseter complex in rodents (advised by K. Angielczyk)

Robert Burroughs
Ph.D. candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology -- dental evolution in arvicoline rodents (advised by K. Angielczyk and Z-X Luo)

B.S. thesis, Biological Sciences -- cochlear evolution of Chiroptera (external reader, filed June 2016; advised by Z-X Luo)

Emily Lipstein

B.S. thesis, Biological Sciences -- genomics of monk seals (external reader, filed June 2017; advised by S. Pruett-Jones)

Dhruv Modi
B.S. thesis, Biological Sciences -- livestock depredations by Indian carnivores (to be filed June 2018; US advisor)

Univerisdade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil)

Carla Hendges
Ph.D. candidate, Biodiversity Sciences -- ecology and function of peccaries (Tayassuidae) (2017 sandwich fellowship advisor; with Nilton Cáceres)

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Rafaela Missagia
Ph.D. candidate, Zoologia -- diversification of South American mice (Akodontini) (US advisor with Fernando Perini)

University of Illinois at Chicago

Ph.D. program, Biological Sciences - phylogeography of Andean bats (genus Sturnira); co-advisor with R. Mason-Gamer)
Ph.D. program, Biological Sciences - Consequences of armor and spininess in mammals; advised by J.S. Brown

University of Ruhuna (Sri Lanka)

Ph.D. program, Agricultural Biology -- Economics of bat insectivory in tea plantations

Lab Alumni

as Major/Research Adviser:

Alex Dehgan

Ph.D. (2003) University of Chicago (now co-founder of Conservation X Labs) -- extinction risk of lemurs in Madagascar rainforest fragments

Carl W. Dick

Post-doctoral Fellow (2005-2009), Field Museum (now Associate Professor, Western Kentucky University) -- coevolution of bats and parasitic bat flies

Lisa A. Dorn

M.Sc. (1984), Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago (now Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh) -- chipmunk burrowing ecology

Roland W. Kays

Post-doctoral Fellow (1999) (now Curator of Mammals & Director of Biodiversity, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences) -- lion behavior, ecology and evolution

Tyrone Lavery
Post-doctoral Fellow (2016-2017) (now NSF researcher, University of Kansas) -- Bats, rodents and possums of the Southwest Pacific

Lucia Luna W.

M.Sc. (2002), University of Illinois at Chicago (now in medicine) -- systematics of Rhagomys (Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae)

Gregory M. Mikkelson

M.Sc. (1993), Ecology & Evolution, University of Chicago (now Associate Professor, McGill University) -- how do foodwebs fall apart?

Link Olson

Ph.D. (1999), Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago (now Professor and Curator of Mammals, University of Alaska, Fairbanks) -- systematics and biogeography of Tenrecidae (Afrosoricida)

Víctor Pacheco T.

M.Sc. (1989), Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago (now Principal Professor and Curator of Mammals, Universidad de San Marcos, Lima) -- systematics and biogeography of Sturnira (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)

María Encarnación Pérez

Post-doctoral Fellow (2015-2016) (now CONICET Researcher, Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio, Trelew, Argentina) -- Cenozoic evolution of the caviomorph rodents

Scott J. Steppan

Ph.D. (1995), Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago (now Professor, Florida State University) -- evolutionary radiations of Andean mice (Cricetidae: Phyllotini)

Virginia L. Turner

M.Sc. (1994), Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago (Instructor, Harper College) -- G-I tract anatomy of caenolestid marsupials (Paucituberculata) 

Nathan S. Upham

Ph.D. (2014), Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago (post-doc, Yale University) --diversification of the New World rodent group Octodontoidea 

Paúl M. Velazco

Ph.D. (2009), Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago (Post-doctoral fellow, American Museum of Natural History) -- systematics and biogeography of Platyrrhinus (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae)

Júlio F. Vilela

Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017), CNPq-Science without Borders and Field Museum of Natural History -- Systematics of Caviidae, Mustelidae, and Bathyergidae

Mohammad Abu Baker in Lajuma, South Africa, July 2007.

as an Examining Committee member or Co-adviser:

Mohammad A. Abu Baker

(2011) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (Assistant Professor, University of Jordan in Amman)-- Habitat selection and community assembly in African small mammals

Erika Arnold

(2014) Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago -- tick infestations on white-footed mice as a landscape of fear

Nigel Asquith

(1995) M.Sc., University of Illinois at Chicago (now Director, Fundación Natura Bolivia)-- seed dispersal in tropical forest fragments in Panamá

Pamela K. Austin

(1998) M.Sc., University of Illinois at Chicago (no longer in science)-- phylogeny and evolution of social behavior in mongooses (Carnivora: Herpestidae)

Hassan A. Babiker Salata

(2012) Ph.D., University of Cape Town (formerly Assistant Professor, University of Juba, South Sudan) -- environmental factors influencing bat distributions in South Africa (external examiner)

Henry Bernard

(2003) Ph.D., University of Copenhagen (now Deputy Director, Tropical Institute, Universiti Malaysia Sabah)-- mammal persistence in rainforest fragments on Borneo 

Norbert J. Cordeiro 

(2004) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (now Associate Professor, Roosevelt University, Chicago)-- fragmentation impacts on plant-disperser mutualisms

Doreen S. G. Covey

(2000) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (Instructor, Harper College)-- morphological phylogeny of deer (Cetartiodactyla: Cervidae) 

Carl W. Dick

(2005) Ph.D., Texas Tech University (Associate Professor, Western Kentucky University)-- ecology of bat and bat fly associations

Silvia Fazzolari-Corrêa

(1995) Ph.D., Universidade de Sao Paulo (Executive Coordinator, Avistar, Brazil)-- bat ecology in Atlantic Forest fragments

Anderson Feijó

(2016) Ph.D. Universidade Federal de Paraíba (postdoc, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing) -- systematics of long-eared armadillos (Genus Dasypus) (2016 sandwich fellowship advisor)

Scott M. Fletcher

(2002) M.Sc., Governors State University (now Teacher, Lincoln-Way East High School, New Lenox IL)--environmental stress along an urban-rural environmental gradient

Alex Gombe Mwazo

(2012) M.Sc., Kenyatta University, Nairobi (now Affiliated Researcher, Tsavo East National Park, Kenya)--distribution and vegetation associations of Grevy's zebra

Mahesh Gurung

(2003) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (now Lecturer, Harry S. Truman College, Chicago)-- Ecology of fear: A case study of blue sheep and snow leopards in the Nepal Himalayas.  

Benedikt Hallgrimsson

(1995) -- Ph.D, University of Chicago (now Professor, and Department Head,  Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy, University of Calgary)-- Fluctuating asymmetry and maturational spans in mammals

Dianne Jedlicka 

(1993) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (now Adjunct Professor, School of the Art Institute, Chicago)-- optimal foraging of Illinois small mammals

Tuqa Jirmo
(2015) Ph.D.,University of Leiden, Netherlands (now COO at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
, Kenya) - African lions in arid habitats of Kenya
(external reader)

Maria Luisa S. P. Jorge

(2007) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University)-- Agouti seed dispersal, tree recruitment, and Amazonian fragmentation

Douglas A. Kelt

(1989) M.Sc., Northern Illinois University (Ph.D. Univ. New Mexico; now Professor & Chair, Univ. California, Davis)-- distribution and ecology of Chilean rodents

Julian C. Kerbis Peterhans

(1990) Ph.D., University of Chicago (now Professor, Roosevelt University, Chicago) -- taphonomy of bone assemblages of carnivores and scavengers

Renan Maestri

(2017) Ph.D., Zoology, Univ. Fed. Rio Grande do Sul–Morphological variation of Sigmodontinae (Rodentia) (2014-2015 sandwich fellowship sponsor, coadvised with Thales R.O. Freitas)

Rosélis R. D. S. Mazurek

(2001) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (now with Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Indígena-Iepé, Amapá, Brazil)-- subsistence hunting by Brazilian aboriginals

Charles Musiba 

(1999) Ph.D., University of Chicago (now Associate Professor, Department of Biological Anthropology, University of Colorado Denver) --Laetoli Pliocene paleoecology

Jane E. Norman

(1999) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago -- molecular systematics of Xenarthra and Perissodactyla

James E. Norton

(2002) M.Sc., University of Illinois at Chicago -- genetic variability of Baird's tapir

John Ososky

(1998) M.Sc., Northern Illinois University (now Chief Skeletal Preparator, National Museum of Natural History)-- ecology and diet of West African rainforest cats (Felidae)

Oliver R. W. Pergams

(2002) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (now Associate Professor, City Colleges of Chicago)-- rapid evolutionary change in rodents

Patricia Ruback

(2006) M. Sc., Northern Illinois University (now a mom!)-- distribution and status of bats of Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

Julia Schad 

(2012) Ph.D. Universität Potsdam (Postdoc, Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung)-- Major Histocompatibility Complex variation and parasitism in lesser bulldog bats (external examiner)

Christopher Schell 

(2015) Ph.D., University of Chicago (Fall 2018 Assistant Professor at  University of Washington, Tacoma)--Maternal effects on phenotypic traits in coyotes

M. Corrie Schoeman

(2006) Ph.D., University of Cape Town (South Africa)(now professor, School of Biological and Conservation Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal)--Community structure in insectivorous bats in South Africa (external examiner)

Carrie Seltzer
(2013) Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (now AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow) -- Seed dispersal by Afrotropical bats and rodents in Eastern Arc forests

Etotépé A. Sogbohossou 

(2006) M.Sc., Université d’Abomey-Calavi (Benin)(Ph.D. Leiden University; now Researcher, Laboratory for Applied Ecology, Université d’Abomey-Calavi)--Phylogeny, morphology, and ecology of West African lions (external adviser)

Sergio Solari T.

(1997) Lic., Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Ph.D., Texas Tech University; now Auxillary Professor, University of Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia)-- Diet and distribution of Altiplano rodents in Perú (external adviser)

David Wechuli

M.Sc. (2015), Biological Sciences, University of Eldoret, Kenya (PhD candidate, Univ Capetown)–Bat distribution and diversity near Lake Bogoria, Kenya

Sigit Wiantoro

(2010) M.Sc., Universitat Malaysia Sarawak (Malaysia)--Biogeography and variation of Indo-Malayan Myotis muricola (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) (external examiner)

Christopher J. Yahnke

(1996) M.Sc., Northern Illinois University -- systematics of Chilean foxes

(1999) Ph.D., Northern Illinois University (now Associate Professor, Curator & Chair, University of Wisconsin, Steven Point) -- ecology of hantavirus in Paraguay

John A. Yunger

(1996) Ph.D., Northern Illinois University (now Professor, Governor's State University, College Park)-- population dynamics of small mammals in Illinois

Sept 2010, with former students (l-r) Sergio Solari, Paúl Velazco and Víctor Pacheco, all now valued collaborators on Neotropical systematics and biogeography (photo via SS at the 2 SPM, Arequipa)
Bruce Patterson,
May 13, 2013, 6:12 AM