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left: Carl Dick and Erophylla (Phyllostomidae) in Cueva de los Culebrones, Puerto Rico, July 2008; Carl Dick's webpages
right: Samuel Kasiki, collaborator on lions of Tsavo studies, on Taita Ranch, 2003; Kenya Wildlife Service

left: Katha Dittmar sampling bat fly pupae on Vieques Island, PR, July 2008 (photo by Megan Porter): Katha's SUNY Buffalo webpages
right: Jean Dubach, head of the Lion Genetics Collaboration, Loyola Medical Campus, Maywood IL.
left: 'Lions of Tsavo' co-PI Alex Mwazo Gombe during a drive across Rukinga Ranch, Sep 2006 (photo by Richard Schmidt). 
right: Paúl Velazco and Megascops choliba outside Moyobamba, Peru, May 2007; Paúl Velazco's webpages

left: Roland Kays on Taita Ranch, Kenya in Mar 2004; Roland's pages at New York State Museum
right: Andean collaborator Sergio Solari at the IMC-10 in Mendoza, Aug 2009; La Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Univ. Antioquia
Links to other collaborators:
Bradford University, U.K. -- home of Julie Thornton, collaborator in manelessness studies
MUSM Mastozoologia -- home of Museo de Historia Natural, Universidad de San Marcos, collaborators in Manu surveys

International collaborations such as this one are central to my field work
Subpages (1): Wirt Atmar, in memoriam