The Manu Project--details

With the help of the National Science Foundation's Biotic Surveys & Inventories program, The Field Museum (Chicago) and the Museo de Historia Natural, Universidad de San Marcos (Lima) pursued expanded zoological surveys in Manu Biosphere Reserve in southeastern Peru.  B.D. Patterson, D.F. Stotz, J.W.O. Ballard, and S. Solari directed the program (DEB-9870191 and supplements) from 1998 to 2003.  Large, diverse reference collections of mammals, birds and their ectoparasites were made, curated, databased and shared by FMNH and MUSM.  Many new taxa were uncovered, and numerous Peruvian and American students participated in the surveys.  Subsequently, a number of the Peruvian participants have completed or are pursuing graduate degrees in universities outside of Perú:

Lily Arias, M.Sc. (2008) Texas Tech University; Ph.D. (2012?) Indiana State University
Lucia Luna, M.Sc. (2002) University of Illinois at Chicago; Ph.D. (2010?) University of Michigan
Ursula Paredes, Ph.D. (2006) Liverpool University
Sergio Solari, Ph.D. (2007) Texas Tech University
Edith Suazo Guillén, M.Sc. (2004) CICESE, Baja California, Mexico
Paúl Velazco, M.Sc. (2002) San Marcos Univ.; Ph.D. (2009) University of Illinois at Chicago

More about the objectives, logistics, and accomplishments of this project can be found on the project webpages.

Profile of Trachops cirrhosus (photo by B. D. Patterson, 2001)

Sergio Solari, Jessica Amanzo, Paúl Velazco, and Tatiana Pequeño on the Alto Madre de Dios, en route to Aguas Calientes in 1999.

Projects funded by NSF's Biotic Surveys & Inventories program are intended to produce well curated and accessible collections and databases. Here are some of the articles that have been produced from the study of these collections.


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