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Lion publications & news

These links and files describe work that my collaborators and I have completed on the Lions of Tsavo.  They focus on those lions living in the Tsavo region today, as well as the notorious man-eaters shot by Col. Patterson, now on display at the Field Museum. Most are posted as pdfs--if you wish copies of articles that are unavailable for download, write me


DeSantis, L.R.G. & B.D. Patterson. 2017. Dietary behavior of man-eating lions as revealed by dental microwear textures. Scientific Reports. open access

Dr. Larisa DeSantis from Vanderbilt University visited in June and took dental impressions of the enamel on the man-eaters carnassials.

Group photo Kasane lion Workshop 2016

March 2016 workshop on African lions, held in Kasane, Botswana


Dubach, J.M., M.B. Briggs, P.A. White, B.A. Ament & B.D. Patterson*. 2013. Genetic perspectives on "Lion Conservation Units" in Eastern and Southern Africa. Conservation Genetics 14:741-755. *corresponding author: pdf  SOM

Patterson, B. D. 2013. What's in a name? (Re)naming the lions of Africa. In the Field 84(2):9. pdf

Packer, C. et al. (numerous co-authors including BDP). 2013. Conserving large carnivores: Dollars and fence. Ecology Letters 16:635-641 pdf (234 kb)  SOM


Patterson, B. D. 2012. The man-eating lions of Tsavo and the science behind the killings.  Open Skies Apr 2012: 84-93. pdf (2.4 Mb)


Paul Raffaele's article in Jan 2010 Smithsonian Magazine body of story


Bahati and Kabochi on the cover of the 10 Nov 2009 issue of PNAS USA.

Yeakel, J.D., B.D. Patterson, K. Fox-Dobbs, M.M. Okumura, T.E. Cerling, J.W. Moore, P.L. Koch & N.J. Dominy. 2009. Cooperation and individuality among man-eating lions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106:19040-19043 + cover. pdf (833 kb)


John Cody's WBBM interview (12 Sep 2008)


A tale of two lions--Bahati (a) and Charlie (b), both six years old and from Tsavo, but raised
under different climatic regimens
(Fig. 1 in Evol. Biol. article)

Patterson, B.D. 2007. The meaning of manes. Hunting Insight Africa 9:41-45. pdf (1.08 Mb).

Patterson, B.D. 2007. On the nature and significance of variability in lions (Panthera leo). Evolutionary Biology 34:55-60. pdf (258 kb).
Cassius on the cover of the April 2006 issue of the Journal of Mammalogy  (photo © B.D. Patterson).

Patterson, B.D., R.W. Kays, S.M. Kasiki & V.M. Sebestyen. 2006. Developmental effects of climate on the mane of the lion (Panthera leo). Journal of Mammalogy 87:193-200 + cover. pdf (457 kb)
Kabochi on the cover of the Dutch newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad on 7 Feb 2006 (photo © B.D. Patterson)  
Duffy's cartoon from the Des Moines Register on mane length variation and sexual selection

Patterson, B.D. 2005. Living with lions in Tsavo, or some notes on managing man-eaters. Travel News & Lifestyle (East Africa) 129 (Feb 2005): 28-31 + cover. pdf (889 kb).

Dubach, J, B.D. Patterson, M.B. Briggs, K. Venzke, J. Flammand, P. Stander, L. Scheepers & R. Kays. 2005. Molecular genetic variation across the southern and eastern geographic ranges of the African lion, Panthera leo. Conservation Genetics 7:15-24.
pdf (314 kb).

Patterson, B.D. 2005. [Review] Evolving Eden: an illustrated guide to the evolution of the African large-mammal fauna, by A. Turner and M. Anton. Journal of Mammalogy 86:1052-1053.
pdf (93 kb).

Patterson, B.D., N. Yamaguchi, J.M. Dubach & D. York. 2005. Molecular genetics and morphological variation of lions (Panthera leo). African Lion Newsletter 6(2):17-23.
pdf (296 kb).

  • Kenosha-sm link -- Kenosha News article on my 13 Nov presentation at the Kenosha Public Museum
  • VegNews_2005 link -- Mane attraction--a story running in the Sep-Oct 2005 issue of VegNews.
  • ZoeGamble-Global8_4_-- Zoe Gamble's article in Global on the Earthwatch project.
  • BBC Science piece -- link"Tracking the maneless lions of Tsavo" by Kevin Bishop (19 Sep 2005)
Bahati, the cover boy! (photo © B.D. Patterson) 
Patterson, B.D. 2004. The lions of Tsavo: exploring the legacy of Africa's notorious man-eaters. McGraw-Hill, New York, 231 pp. examine book here

Patterson, B.D. 2004. Maneless and misunderstood: the lions of Tsavo. Earthwatch Institute 23(2):12-15. pdf (920 kb)

Patterson, B.D., S.M. Kasiki, E. Selempo & R.W. Kays. 2004. Livestock predation by lions (Panthera leo) and other carnivores on ranches neighboring Tsavo National Park, Kenya. Biological Conservation 119:507-516.  pdf (430 kb)

Patterson, B.D. 2004. Fatal attraction: a predilection for livestock threatens Tsavo's lions. Earthwatch Institute - Australia April/May 2004:6-7. pdf (840 kb).
And at long last! 
After years, the book is finally ready! read review

Patterson, B.D., E.J. Neiburger & S.M. Kasiki. 2003. Tooth breakage and dental disease as causes of carnivore-human conflicts. Journal of Mammalogy 84:190-196. pdf (340 kb).

Patterson, B.D. & S.M. Kasiki. 2003. Expedition briefing: Lions of Tsavo. Earthwatch Institute, Maynard, Massachusetts, 30 pp + appendices. 

Undamaged teeth of female lion (photo from Samuel Kasiki, KWS).
  • Jennifer's_article.pdf -- Jennifer Williams' article in the Toronto Globe and Mail about the adventures of Team 2002-8
    Man-eating lions dine on ecotourists -- London Evening Standard's article of 13 Feb 2003
  • Maneating lions not the walking wounded -- New Scientist article on Journal of Mammalogy paper
  • It's all a matter of taste -- Humans taste good to all lions, not just the sick
  • Why do some lions become maneaters? -- The World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service

Neiburger, E.J. & B.D. Patterson. 2002. A forensic dental determination of serial killings by three African lions. General Dentistry 50:40-43. pdf (660 kb).

Kays, R.W. & B.D. Patterson. 2002. Mane variation in African lions and its social correlates. Canadian Journal of Zoology 80:471-478.
pdf (466 kb).


Patterson, B.D. 2001. [Review] Prides: the lions of Moremi, by C. Harvey and P. Kat. Journal of Mammalogy 82:248-250. pdf (37 kb).

Patterson, B.D. & E.J. Neiburger. 2001. Lion with a sore tooth. Nature Australia 26(12):12. pdf (580 kb).


Neiburger, E.J. & B.D. Patterson. 2000. Man eating lions...a dental link. Journal of the American Association of Forensic Dentists 24(7-9):1-3.
pdf (200 kb).

Neiburger, E.J. & B.D. Patterson. 2000. The man-eaters with bad teeth. New York State Dental Journal 66(10):26-29 + cover.
cover (370 kb) and pdf (870 kb).