Island Email Group

Yahoo Email Group

I have set up an email list for all of us to share news and information. This list is set up as a closed Yahoo Group.

To Subscribe

Send an email to

Because this email list is restricted to Islanders, guests and friends, the subscription request has to be approved so if your email address is cryptic or otherwise not descriptive please include in the email who you are and your relationship to the island.

To Send an Email to Everyone on the List

Send an email to

IMPORTANT: If you reply to an email sent by someone to the group, your reply goes to everyone, not just the message originator.

To Unsubscribe

Send an email to

To Send an Email to the Group Moderator (me)

Send an email to

To View the CushingsIsland Group Page

If you have a Yahoo user ID that is linked to your email address used for our group, you can log in and view a history of the emails sent and can also upload pictures to the group. To view the home page click here.