Beekeeping on Cushings Island

There have been beekeeping activities on the Island  most recently since 2007. Two hives hives were originally located at Meacham’s Farm and since 2008 they have been located in a new bee yard on Farm Hill for more protection in the winter months and with a new pond as as source of water for the hives. The number of hives varies each year depending on overwintering losses, installation of new packages and capture of summer swarms. We are starting into the seventeenth year in 2023 with six hives overwintering in the bee yard.

If you have any interest in a tour or hive inspection, or helping in any way, please contact me, as I can use the help.

The Island ecology has noticeably changed since their arrival, with exceptional pollination rates and yields for apples and other fruit trees; the bees are making a significant contribution to the Island flora.

We have started honey extraction two or three times per summer. I am hoping to get a good honey crop this summer and will be planning an Island honey extraction and bottling day likely in early August as a fundraiser for the Cushing Island Conservation Corporation.

I have labeled  the honey Farm Hill Apiary, as the main bee yard is on the hill at the present location of Meacham’s Farm which was originally on the hill leading up to Whitehead before it was moved to its present location in the late 1800’s. My brother John designed the label and I am working on a web site with regular updates on hive inspections and pictures. Sarah thinks I should do some merchandising and sell hats and tee shirts.

If any of the hives swarms and ends up in your yard I apologize in advance and promise to come collect them.