Information for Islanders and Renters

Cushing's Island Blue Book - Information for Islanders, Renters and their Guests

An information booklet, The Blue Book (printed copies have a blue cover) contains practical information regarding a stay on Cushing's Island. Printed copies should be in each Island cottage, and a file version can be found at the bottom of this page.

Getting to the IslandThe Cushing's Island ferry service is via the St Croix, a new ferry with 52 person capacity, captained by Brian Rapp and Steph Martin. It departs from Long Wharf off Commercial Street in Portland. Please refer to the published boat schedule for departure times.

Cushing's Island is informal - so pack lightly.

Baggage must be in boxes or strong canvas or nylon bags with handles so it can be easily stacked and carried - no loose items.

Arrive in plenty of time (30 minutes) to load your luggage on the ferry and to park your car.

Each bag or box must have the name of the house to which you are going clearly marked on it. Masking tape and black marker work well and are available on the ferry.

Dogs must be on a leash on the ferry and at the landing and dock.

Upon arrival at the Island, help carry your bags/boxes up to the top of the ramp and then group them together next to the caretaker's truck.

The Caretaker meets all regularly scheduled boats and will deliver your luggage to your house. The phone number is 207-766-2806 and can be reached via email at

Check the bulletin board in the mail house for upcoming events and other information.

If you have plumbing, electrical or other problems with your house, please contact the house owner.

Enjoying the Island

There are many wonderful things to do while on the Island.

There are three tennis courts and five wonderful beaches for swimming, picnicking, sunbathing, etc.

Fire is our greatest concern. NO fires are allowed anywhere on the Island. Also, if you must smoke, be extremely cautious about discarding cigarette butts.

While walking around the Island, please do not litter. Take your trash with you.

The entire back of the Island, including the Point and Whitehead, is part of the Cushing's Island Conservation Corporation. There are wonderful paths that go around the Island shore. Note that there is no smoking on CICC land and also no open fires permitted.

There are Coastal Defense forts, towers, and a tunnel on the back of Island. There are many unsafe and dangerous spots due to deterioration and you should keep out of these structures.

Trash Guidelines

All trash must be put in City of Portland purple trash bags - obtainable from the caretaker and from Portland food stores - if you buy them in Portland, only the 15 gallon size is used on Cushing’s.

Trash pick-up begins at 7:30 a.m. each Monday morning. Place your bags in covered trash barrels (to keep crows from getting into them) and place in the lane outside your cottage for collection.

Place your pirple bags in a trash can and place next to the covered trash barrels.

Recycling of newspapers, cardboard, glass and plastics is encouraged. The recycling container, “the Silver Bullet”, is located on the road to the Quarry. Returnables should be placed in the recycling container. There is no separate returnables collection.

Dog Rules

  • Dogs are not allowed on Big Beach or Little Beach.
  • Dogs should be on a leash when arriving and departing on the ferry, otherwise dogs are not allowed at the landing at boat time.
  • Please carry a leash with you when walking your dog around the Island.

Other Information

Food stores that deliver groceries to the ferry:

Whole Foods (delivers to boat but not on weekends)

2 Somerset St. (207) 774-7711

How to: Call in to put credit card on file. Email a detailed order in by 5pm for deliver to the boat the next day. There is a $10 shopping charge, and a small deposit for ice packs. The email address is:

Rosemont (delivers to boat)

5 Commercial St, (207) 846-1234

How to: Call in to put credit card on file, Call (207) 846-1234 with a detailed order 24 hours in advance (or at 8 am for deliver on last boat.) There is a $10 shopping charge, and a $5 deposit for ice packs.

Harbor Fish Market (delivers to boat)

9 Custom House Wharf, (207) 775-0251

How to: Call with an order the day before or by noon for deliver on the afternoon boat. There is a $6 shopping charge, and a charge for a reusable box with ice if needed.

NOTE: These arrangements change from year to year so check with the store before ordering.

Farmer’s Market is held in Portland’s Monument Square on Wednesday morning and Deering Oaks Park on Saturday morning.

Tipping the Caretakers and Island workers when you leave is acceptable and encouraged.

Tax-deductible contributions to the Cushing's Island Conservation Corporation are always welcomed. These will be used to maintain and preserve the conservation land on the back of the Island.

The Caretaker and assistants provide services of a limited nature - lawn mowing, trash pick-up, and pick-up and delivery of luggage and groceries. You are expected to take care of your own needs while on the Island


If you have an Emergency - medical or fire - call the Portland Fire Alarm at 911. They will contact the Caretaker and page the Island first responders, and if necessary will set off the Island fire horns.

When you call 911, first say that you are calling from Cushing's Island, and then give the name of the owner of the house at which you are staying and location of the house. When in doubt for any emergency, no matter how minor, call 911.

If you call 911 from a cell phone you will be connected to the state-wide dispatcher in Gray. Ask to be transferred to Portland Fire Alarm, and when connected to Portland state the nature and location of the emergency.

The City of Portland has a fireboat and also an emergency / rescue boat equipped with EMTs and paramedics.

We hope you enjoy all the beauty and serenity that Cushing's Island has to offer.