Who we are

CU-Prime is a growing, evolving organization with lots of amazing people working hard to make it happen! Here's a little bit about who we are, in no particular order...

Mentorship Team

We help to build community between students of different levels of study by matching graduate/undergraduate mentors with mentees and by organizing group activities like museum trips, barbecues, and more! To get in touch with us, feel free to email

Sarah Stevenson

Sarah is a current PhD student in the Physics Department. When not doing science, she might be found playing the flute or the piano, drawing, or searching the mountains of Colorado for her favorite animal, the pika. She grew up in Houston, Texas.

Sarah works in the lab of Prof. Nils Halverson on instrumentation for observational cosmology.

Pablo Aramburu Sanchez

Pablo is a third year PhD student studying hybrid quantum systems. Originally from Mexico, when not doing physics he can be found biking, skiing, or hiking around Colorado.

He works on the mentorship program and diversity workshops.

Pablo works in the Lehnert Lab in JILA.

2022 Class Team

We are the instructors for the Fall 2022 iteration of CU-Prime's class, PHYS 1400! To get in touch, email us at

Diment Yuang

Diment (Jingchen) Yuan is an international student from Shenzhen, China. He is entering his second year at CU Boulder. He developed an interest in physics in middle school through reading The Brief History of Time and is currently majoring in physics and math. Diment loves to play music, from classical violin to rock'n roll electric guitar. His goal is to be able to do research on theoretical physics going into a PhD program.

Iona Binnie

Iona is a fourth year PhD student using extreme ultraviolet lasers to study magnetic textures with the KM group. She is a current instructor for PHYS 1400. Outside of the lab, Iona enjoys baking, knitting, board games, circus arts, and exploring Colorado's front range.

Jacob Beckey

Jacob is a fourth year PhD student working on quantum information theory with Graeme Smith in JILA. He is passionate about science education, outreach, and mentorship. In his free time he hikes, skis, and plays basketball.

Timothy Suxe

Timothy is an undergraduate physics student whose first contact with CU-Prime happened when he took PHYS 1400 in Fall 2021. He has been a CU Physics Learning Assistant since Spring 2022 and a Hult Prize startup competitor. Born in New Jersey and raised in Peru, his interests involve researching, teaching, playing chess, doing karate, and participating in startup competitions.

Talks Team

We are the organizers for CU-Prime's biweekly talk series! If you'd like to help out with the planning, setup/tear-down, eating free pizza, or giving a talk, feel free to reach out to us at

Tyler McMaken

Tyler is a fifth year physics PhD student. He was an instructor for PHYS 1400 in both 2019 and 2021, and he has been helping run CU-Prime’s talk series since pre-pandemic times. Tyler’s originally from Ohio, and in his free time he can be found playing piano, harpsichord, or organ at his church.

Tyler works with Andrew Hamilton in JILA studying quantum effects inside black holes.

Alex Toma

Originally from Nevada, Alex is a current physics & math undergrad. He was one of the instructors for PHYS 1400 in Fall 2020 after attending the class his freshman year. He conducts interplanetary dust variability in the inner heliosphere at LASP under Dr. David Malaspina.

In his spare time he can be found studying music, reading up on motorsport, and looking to improve his skill sets.

We also want to acknowledge all the contributions from past CU-Prime organizers—these are the people who have made CU-Prime possible and have helped it to flourish from its founding to the present!

  • Adam Ellzey

  • Akihiro Yamaguchi

  • Anna Estes

  • Ben Chapman

  • Ben Pollard

  • Carrie Weidner

  • Charlie Bevis

  • Dan Reinholz

  • Devin Rourke

  • Dimitri Dounas-Frazer

  • Ethan Kern

  • Frank Jensen

  • Greg Hoth

  • Jasmine Brewer

  • Joel Corbo

  • John Bartolotta

  • Jorge Nicolás (Nico) Hernández Charpak

  • Katie McCormick

  • Katie Rainey

  • Kerrie Dochen Ellzey

  • Mathis Habich

  • Michelle Miller

  • Miranda Thompson

  • Morgan Aire

  • Peter Madigan

  • Rajarshi Basak

  • Ran (Brynn) Reiff

  • Rob Niederriter

  • Sven Dönges

  • Thuy-An Julie Huynh

  • Yuval Sani

& all other organizers not included on this list!