All about CU-Prime

CU-Prime is a student-run organization aimed at increasing inclusion in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields through mentorship and community building. We are especially interested in fostering an open culture in STEM for those from typically underrepresented populations. We organize biweekly seminars which are accessible by physics students at a beginning undergraduate level, and we are always looking for opportunities to engage our community in new ways.


CU-Prime was started in the summer of 2013 by a group of graduate students in the Physics Department at CU Boulder. Inspired by the Berkeley Compass Project, we run biweekly seminars as a starting point for community building. Our seminar series started in Fall 2013 and has grown into a regular event which benefits attendees of all levels, including the speaker! Our presenters are all graduate students themselves who have offered their time and expertise on a volunteer basis (though we have also recently showcased undergraduate presenters who are involved with research). Our events emphasize interactive discussion among the audience and with the presenter and allow plenty of time for informal interactions.


CU-Prime also runs a one-credit elective course in the fall called "PHYS 1400: Fundamentals of Scientific Inquiry." The course is aimed at introductory physics and physics-interested students, and is led by graduate student and upper-level undergraduate instructors. If you're interested in taking PHYS 1400 in Fall 2021, read more here!


The newest part of CU-Prime is our Mentorship Program, which started as a pilot program in Spring 2014 and officially launched for the Fall 2015 semester. After a break in AY 2017-18, the program was restarted in Fall 2018. Designed as a low-commitment way to participate in CU-Prime and get connected in the Physics Department, the Mentorship Program aims to build a lasting community between students at different levels of study within physics and STEM. For more information, and to sign up as a mentor or mentee for next (academic) year, head on over to the Mentorship page.

The future of CU-Prime

We are currently looking to the future and are excited to expand our efforts into new programs and opportunities. Our group is constantly growing and evolving, and we welcome new faces and ideas. Get in touch if you think you have something to offer!

Funding sources

CU-Prime gratefully receives support and/or funding from the following sources:


CU-Prime has an article in the February 2016 edition of the PERCoGS Newsletter! Check it out on page 6!

Dimitri, Simone, and Dan won a Synberc Seed Project Award to develop and run diversity workshops for CU-Prime! Check out their project proposal here.

We wrote a big report documenting our history, current status, and future plans as of the start of 2016. Read the executive summary here. If you're interested in reading the full report, just ask and we'll send you a copy.

Check out this great article about CU-Prime in the College of Arts & Sciences Magazine!