Autodesk Maya

Just like 3DS Max, Autodesk's Maya is a 3D animation application. Many, many people in the Hollywood/entertainment industry use Maya for compositing animation over film. When you open the application, you will see just how robust it is. Menus with submenus with highly specific settings. The result is an extremely deep animation tool with massive amounts of control for animators.

Project Sequence:

  1. Workspace & Toolbar
  2. 2D Painting (Background images)
  3. Primitives & Workflow (Temple construction)
  4. 3D Sculpting (Sculpt Geometry tool and temple scene)
  5. Clouds & Oceans (Fluid Effects)
  6. Cloth & Wind (nCloth)
  7. Path Animation (Spaceship)
  8. Using Driven Keys (Door Opening/Closing)
  9. Kinematics & Rigging
  10. Autodesk Mudbox
  11. Polygonal Modeling