Academic Acceleration

Academic Acceleration provides educational opportunities for students who are academically capable of learning at a substantially higher level and are significantly motivated to do so.  The district-adopted curriculum provides considerable differentiation to meet the varying needs of students.  In a few unique situations it may be an appropriate accommodation to accelerate a grade level in a single subject area or to implement whole grade acceleration to meet those educational needs.  These accommodations are available for students who demonstrate substantial need and significant readiness in a curricular area.  Students need not be identified for E.L.P. in order to receive acceleration services.

The formal Acceleration Guidelines (see Guidelines & Forms link below) delineate the process used in the Cedar Falls Schools to provide appropriate educational curriculum for students demonstrating the need for faster pacing or for a higher level of the curriculum.  TAG teachers, administrators, counselors, and classroom teachers collaborate to meet the students' needs in their strength area.  This may include classroom differentiation, subject matter acceleration, or whole grade acceleration.
Students or parents who feel acceleration is needed (or elementary teachers who recommend it for their student) may fill out an acceleration request form.  Data is then collected from standardized test scores, classroom performance, and teacher input in order to make a determination as to whether acceleration is appropriate.  Additional testing or coursework may also be necessary, depending on the nature of the acceleration request.  If acceleration is deemed appropriate, an Accommodation Plan is written for acceleration based on student needs and filed in the student's cumulative folder.

Click here to download guidelines and forms containing more information about Academic Acceleration.