Membership in CCAC

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies has been represented on the CCAC since approximately 2008. Prior to this the Jewish Community was represented by the Rabbinical Council of NSW (See History of CCAC). The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies was a Member Organisation at the time of incorporation in 2013 and is listed as such in Schedule 1 in the Constitution of the CCAC.

Corporate Structure

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is the officially-elected representative roof-body and voice of the Jewish community of New South Wales.

It is recognised by the NSW government, its agencies, the media and other ethnic and religious groups as the representative body of the Jewish community. The Board leads, speaks and advocates on behalf of the NSW Jewish community, with 62 major communal organisations as its constituents.

The governing body of the NSW Jewish Board is the elected plenum of 147 Deputies, which meets monthly to consider issues of communal importance. Half of the Deputies are elected every two years by a general franchise and half are appointed by the constituent organisations. The plenum elects an Executive, which conducts the organisation’s administration.

Contact Details


146 Darlinghurst Road,

Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


(02) 9360 1600


(02) 9331 4712



The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies leads, speaks and advocates on behalf of the NSW Jewish community.


A united NSW Jewish community, adequately resourced, enjoying physical and political security as part of a harmonious, inclusive and democratic Australian society.

Strategic Goals

  • represent and advocate on behalf of the NSW Jewish Community

  • ensure the political and physical security of the NSW Jewish Community

  • combat antisemitism and other forms of racism

  • increase understanding of Israel and its centrality to Jewish life

  • promote social inclusion of all segments of NSW society

  • maintain the unity and cohesion of the NSW Jewish Community

  • ensure the continuity of a vibrant NSW Jewish Community


The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies appoints a person believed to be best qualified to represent the Jewish Community as their delegate to the CCAC. The appointed delegate reports directly to the Honorary officers and Executive Committee of the Board.

Chaplains report directly to the delegate of the Board to the CCAC and, in the case of Corrective Services Chaplains, to Jewish Care NSW.

Authorisation of Chaplains

Civil Chaplains are appointed under NSW Jewish Board of Deputies policies and procedures and are required to have Theological qualifications (including Pastoral care subjects) and practical experience in Pastoral care.

All Chaplains are selected based on their qualifications, ministry experience (including non-religious settings) and their skills and abilities.

Voluntary Pastoral Care Workers are also expected to have a working knowledge of pastoral care procedures and preference is given to those with some qualification in both theology and in pastoral care.