Registration Info

Registering for next year's classes is an exciting and important event. Taking the time to choose the courses you want is crucial -- based on YOUR choices, we determine the number of teachers we need for a course and how many students will be in a class.

Registration takes place in the spring. Our goal is to meet with each student individually. The plan advisors make with students during registration is not set in stone; we know students and parents may want to make changes, and we will be happy to make changes as long as they are requested before the stated deadline--typically toward the end of the spring semester. Students can request schedule changes by visiting their advisor or through email.

8th graders will complete registration with a high school counselor on the following dates. All students will receive a copy of the district's course guide.

  • Davila -- TBD
  • SFA -- TBD

9th, 10th, and 11th graders will meet with their counselor to register for next year through their English or Social Studies classes.

A few weeks after completing registration, parents will receive a course verification letter at home. This letter provides an opportunity to review course selections and make changes.

Students who request advanced courses during registration will need to complete at least one six weeks in the new school year before a decision can made about moving to a lower level course.

Any student interested in participating in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, needs to speak with Sarah Patterson, Program Coordinator:


If you have questions about athletics, please contact the Athletic Office at 209-7990.

8th graders can register for an athletic period in 9th grade ONLY if they are currently in athletics. All other students need to speak with the coach of the sport they hope to play.


Families who want to request a transfer to attend a school in a different zone will have an opportunity to do so annually. Questions about the transfer process can be directed to Carmen Hutcherson at 209-1075.

Applications can be obtained here.