The Attendance Office is located on the Silver Campus in Room 1111; call 209-2404 or 209-2405 to speak to someone in this office.


Releasing Students from School

To get a pass to be released from school, a parent (or legal guardian) must send a note with the student OR contact the attendance office by calling, faxing, or visiting in person. Students must always sign out at the Attendance office when leaving, and sign back in immediately upon return to campus.

Students Absent from School

A written note from a parent (or legal guardian) is required within 3 school days of the student's return to school. This note should be taken (or faxed 979-209-2458) to the Attendance office. The note needs to include the following information:

  • student's legal name
  • student ID#
  • grade level
  • date(s) absent
  • reasons for absence
  • parent's daytime phone number
  • parent signature

For absences exceeding 5 consecutive days, a note from a doctor is required OR written approval from the student's assistant principal must be obtained.

Students Becoming Ill at School

A student who feels sick during the school day should, with his/her teacher's permission, report to the school nurse. The nurse will determine whether or not the student should be sent home and will notify the parent or legal guardian.

Extra-Curricular Absences

Students will not be penalized for participating in school or district activities. A student is allowed no more than 15 approved extra-curricular absences. Additional days are granted for regional and state competitions.

Missed Assignments Due to Absences

It is the student's responsibility to contact his/her teachers for assignments missed due to absences. A student who does not make up the work in the amount of time allotted by the teacher will receive a grade of zero.


A student is considered tardy if s/he is not in the classroom and prepared for instruction when the tardy bell rings. A student who is tardy must report to the nearest assistant principal's office to obtain a Tardy Pass; a detention can be assigned for each tardy.

90% Rule

In order to receive credit in a class, a student must be present at least 90% of the days in each semester. If excessive absences are due to extenuating circumstances, a student or parent can submit an Attendance Committee Review Form to the student's assistant principal. The Committee will consider each case individually to determine whether or not credit can be awarded.

Phone Master Calling System

A computerized "autocaller" will call home in the evenings if a student has missed one or more class periods during the school day. If absences have been marked in error, or if you have questions regarding this call, please call the attendance office to clarify the attendance record.