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What is MTSS, formerly known as RtI?
MTSS is a term used to describe an evidence-­‐based model of schooling that uses data-­‐based problem-­‐solving to integrate academic and behavioral instruction and intervention. The integrated instruction and intervention is provided to students at varying levels of intensity based on student need. The goal is to prevent problems and intervene early so that students can be successful.

Below are the three Tiers in the process:

Tier I refers to the high quality instruction that is provided to all students in the general education classroom. Tier II refers to the interventions that are provided to small groups of students who need more support than they are receiving in Tier I. Tier III refers to the interventions that are provided to individual students.

MTSS is an ongoing progress of: Defining (What's the Problem?), Analyzing (Why is it occurring?), Implementing (What are we going to do about it?), and Evaluating (Is it working?)

Parent Resource Page:

You may visit the following link for a Parent Resource page regarding MTSS/RtI : http://www.florida‐rti.org/parentResources/floridaTools.html

Florida’s Parent Brochure:
At the link below you will find an informational brochure that is about using student RtI data in a multi‐tiered system of supports. A multi‐ tiered system, often referred to as the RtI framework, provides parents with an overview along with some ideas for how parents can get engaged with the school team. Recommendations are provided for parents if they believe their child is struggling, including a list of key questions to guide conversations with educators. http://www.florida-rti.org/_docs/MTSS_Family_Brochure-English.pdf  A copy of the Bay District Schools RtI/MTSS Parent Brochure can be found below.

Presentation for Parent Audiences:

The attachment below was designed to provide an overview of using RtI data within a multi‐tiered system of supports (MTSS) to family and community member audiences to increase awareness and understanding of MTSS. The presentation includes speaker notes to ensure a consistent message is being shared with stakeholders. This presentation can be used to increase your knowledge and understanding of MTSS.

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