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Information for Seniors

         **Transcript Ordering**

Senior Recognition 2017 Reporting:

Please share with us ANY information you have regarding college scholarships, awards, recognition's by organizations, etc that we should report at graduation. You may fill out a form for each scholarship as it is awarded to you even if you do not plan to attend that college.  Forms are in the front office and attached at the bottom of this page.  Once you complete the form turn it in to guidance!   The deadline for all reporting will be May 12, 2017.

 Senior Meeting Letters:

Letter 1- October Meeting (document attached below)

Letter 2- March Meeting (document attached below)

Senior Transcript Requests:

To request your transcripts be sent to a college please click on the button at the top of this page that says ORDER MY TRANSCRIPT.  This directs you to our custom transcript ordering site where you will register and request your transcript.  Remember to request your transcripts be sent by Gulf Coast State College if you have taken any DE classes.  In addition to your High School transcripts, most colleges will want official transcripts from GCSC showing the college level courses you took which you must request from Gulf Coast State College.   ****If you have taken any Dual Enrolled classes make sure you request transcripts from Gulf Coast as well.  Your college will want official transcripts from GCSC even though the classes are on your High School transcripts.  If you do not request transcripts from GCSC it may hold up your acceptance and your acceptance status may show that you are missing transcripts even though they have your High School transcripts.

AP Students Logo   :      To see how your college accepts AP credits please 

                                            click here

For Information on writing your college admission essay see documents below!

If you have not signed up to take the SAT or ACT you need to sign up ASAP!  Colleges will need your scores with your applications. You also need these scores for Florida Bright Futures Scholarships!

Our School Code to register for SAT/ACT is :  102382

Bright Futures information may be found here:  http://www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/ssfad/bf/.


Register for SAT here.
Register for ACT here.

College Application Process

Common Application Colleges at www.commonapp.org - if you are applying to a college that uses the Common Application, then we require that you submit you application using the common application and the online submission process. This process works in this way:

1.    You open an account at www.commonapp.org. Follow all directions carefully.

2.    Complete all information thoughtfully, completely, and accurately.

3.    You will be asked for your counselor’s email address. Use ONLY the following:

o    Ms. Sklarski:  sklark@bayhaven.org

4.    Your counselor will complete the online High School Report Form and will electronically send your transcript. 

5.    For teacher recommendations, put your teacher’s email address where requested, and notify that teacher at least 2 weeks before the due date. Teacher email addresses can be located on the school website.


Out of State Public Colleges and Private Colleges that do not use the Common App – these colleges’ application process might include some or all of the following:

Your online application – complete at the college’s website.

Your transcript -Click on the TRANSCRIPT button located at the top of this page.  This directs you to our custom transcript ordering website.

A Counselor’s Report Form - sometimes called the High School Report Form. You must print this and BRING it to your counselor. The only exception would be if the college asks for the counselor’s email and sends the form to the counselor directly – this should be clear in the directions the college gives you. This form will be mailed with the transcript unless submitted online.

Teacher Recommendation Forms - You must print these and BRING them to your teachers. The only exception would be if the college asks for the teachers’ emails and sends the forms to the teachers directly – this should be clear in the directions the college gives you. When requesting a recommendation from a teacher, be sure to complete this form and give it to her/him.

College Application Essays - Your essay is a very important component of your application. It is important that you clearly understand the prompt, or what they are asking you to write. Once you have a working draft of an essay, you should show it to your English teacher.  Writer’s block is very common when having to approach an essay about yourself. The attributes that colleges are expecting you to address in your essay are contained in these handouts:
Components of a successful college essay see attached word document below


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