About Us

Search & Rescue is an unpaid job, and we are unpaid professionals. Search and Rescue (SAR) requires a huge training commitment and dedication to respond 24 hours a day. It often means phone calls and notifications in the middle of the night to respond to emergencies.

Our membership varies between 90 and 100 members, with experience ranging from first-time searchers to 35 year veterans. About a quarter of our members are K9 handlers who have “mission-ready” search dogs certified in tracking/trailing, area search, and human remains detection for land and water. All of our members participate in a Basic SAR Academy developed to meet nationally recognized standards for Search and Rescue. Upon completion of the Basic SAR Academy, members will continue to progress through additional training to complete the requirements for SAR Typing in accordance State of California Mutual Aid Guidelines. ALCO SAR uses a variety of nationally recognized organizations, such as NASAR, ASTM and NFPA to establish our requirements for SAR field ready deployment.

ALCO SAR members also receive training for disaster response to a variety of natural and man-made disasters. From Urban Search and Rescue Type 3 and 4 (CERT), mass casualty incident response, sheltering, flood/moving water safety and fire response to assist with evacuation, traffic management and many other disaster related subject areas.