Choosing the right cafe, restaurant, shop or hotel in Thailand is often tough. Build trust with a high-quality virtual tour that give visitors to your web page an immersive VR, 3D experience of your property location before they buy. These immersive, virtual reality (VR) experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective property buyers. Your real estate agent's person with the job of social media marketing will love to post interesting content. Contact us for a trusted professional VR photographer/videographer for hire to help you more easily create and publish your virtual tour.

Cheap 3.000 baht, VR video production of properties for sale in Thailand. Our young Thai videographers Apinan and Nutnisha who's featured on the home page of are happy to visit your property in Thailand to not only produce VR videos of houses, restaurants, hotel resorts and other commercial property for sale in Thailand but also produce VR photos of property for sale in Thailand. VR video of a house for sale in northeast Thailand, near Wat Hin Mak Peng, Nong Khai.

When viewed with VR goggles tilt your head up and down, side to side to see different views all in 3D. If using a mouse, hold the button down and move your mouse to see different views.


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If you want a video report of a property you're interested in buying in Thailand or a video report of a property you're renting as an absentee landlord and would like a video produced so that you can see inside and outside, contact us.


We can produce promotional normal HD and or 4K 360° VR videos. Our videographers Sureeporn and Nutnisha can be called into service at your location. The investment cost in property video production is about 3,000 baht for a one minute VR video (or set of 20 VR photos) plus all travel expenses.

For most websites including Wordpress CMS sites, we can, for a small fee, embed your HD or VR video on your web pages.

For more information and examples of VR video production go to . We can produce videos of:

  1. Condominium / time share holiday hotel apartments for sales Thailand.
  2. New house and land packages in Thailand.
  3. Commercial property for sale in Thailand such as hotels for sale in Thailand or any other type of business for sale in Thailand.
  4. Agricultural land for sale in Thailand, farming land including rice, rubber, palm oil and pineapple plantations.

We have property agents in north and south Thailand. Below are photos of property for sale in Thailand.

Above is an expensive VR (virtual reality) system but you can also google at our VR property videos in 3D by slipping your smart phone in front of cheap 300 baht goggles.


Cost of netcasting (not fishing, think broadcasting) property video advertising on this website is an investment of only 30 baht per view.

Good, successful property promotional performance via video marketing is our motivation.

Keep in mind there are two parts: Video production and Video marketing. If you already have a promo video we can cost effectively do the video marketing.


Good value, affordable price, feature house of the month for sale in Thailand. It's a bargain at less than 750.000 baht because Sureeporn the seller is having family problems and would like to sell fast. This brick and tile family home for sale in the border province of Nong Khai, Thailand is located on a plateau above the Mekong River, 18 kilometres upstream from Vientiane. It's 4 kilometres from Wat Hin Mak Peng and 11 km from the new NongKhai Skywalk. The property is on the same plateau as the Skywalk in Nong Khai. Half a kilometer away is a huge plateau top fishing lake. (See ). The beautiful established garden is full of mango trees and other tropical fruits.

Video of House For Sale Northeast Thailand

In this video video production of January 2017 of Nong Khai house for sale, the garden has grown well since with abundant supplies of tropical fruits from the front and back of the property. Drone video view in this video also shows the surrounding rural village environment in the cool dry season. Warm clothes and morning fires are needed to keep warm in December and January.

VR Video Production Thailand

Below is a VR video of the good sealed road past the house for sale in the Thai border province of Nong Khai, near Vientiane and the Mekong River. As the video plays, you can move the "viewport" to see behind or either side of the road. If you're wearing goggles, simply move your head to look at different parts of the video in 3D. The following videos are to give you an idea of the peaceful rural life in this part of Thailand. Great for retirees and a great place to bring up children.

Cycling near plateau top lake Huai Thon Ton Bon, about 3 km from Thai home for sale.

On the south bank of the Mekong River about 4km from the above house for sale is a small luxury hotel for sale in Thailand

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Video of best new home building company near BuaKaw, Kalasin, NorthEast Thailand

Travel in NorthEast Thailand