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We are selling agents to help Thai farmers sell farm land for sale in Thailand. We offer the cheapest and best digital marketing service to help sell your farm be it rice farm, rubber plantation, palm oil plantation, sugar cane farm, etc.

  1. Search for commercial property in Thailand to match your specifications and budget.
  2. Thai commercial property reports including photos and videos.
  3. Local commercial property market valuations and future property market forecast assessments.
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When you invest marketing for selling agricultural property in Thailand from as low as 4 baht per day, your commercial property online advertising in Thailand will be published on this and other web pages such as the map of Thailand.

Buy Farm Thailand

We are buying agents to help you buy farm land for sale in Thailand. You give us:

  1. The farm location in Thailand. If you're nearby road is unnamed then please supply the co-ordinates or Google map URL.
  2. The type of farm / plantation you're looking for
  3. Your budget
  4. Pre-paid, negotiated fee for our agent to travel to the location in Thailand where're you're interested in buying a farm and write a buying report for you. Negotiate the best farm sale price for you or attend a farm auction and as your representative, bid for you.

Over 50 percent of the Thai population still earning a large share of their economic livelihood from agriculture.


The price of farm land in Thailand varies depending on many factors including:

  • What is growing on the land.
  • Type of land title deed of ownership eg Chanote
  • Quality of the farm soil
  • The market price of what is growing on the land.
  • Access to water
  • Road access
  • Distance to market
  • Off or on the electricity network grid though for with solar power prices falling, off grid is less of a problem.
  • Potential for rezoning/redevelopment.

The common unit for land area in Thailand is the rai. The Thai land area converter shows that 1 rai = 1,600 square metres. Boiling down the price of Thai land in your currancy, eg dollars, per square metre is useful for farlung.


In 2020 my wife Suree bought 6 rai of farmland in northeast Thailand for 240,000.

To work out the cost of farm land per area, get the price and divide by area. Example:

  • 240,000 baht/6 rai = 40,000 baht per rai.
  • From the Thailand land area converter web page 6 rai = 9,600 sqm. At the Australian dollar to Thai baht exchange rate of $1 = 20baht the 240,000 baht = $12,000.
  • Divide the $12,000 by 9,600m² = $1.25 per square metre. This Isaan farm land price compared to other land prices in 2020 I've seen on the internet, represents good value, low price land buying in northeast Thailand especially considering it has land excavated water storage, mulberry trees, tamarind trees, a little watch-house and a cooconut tree.


19 Rai Rubber Tree Farm For Sale, Nong Khai, Thailand

Phone English and Thai speaking Sureeporn on +61 401035844 for rubber tree plantation for sale under 1 million baht in Nong Khai. In the past three years it has come into full rubber production and palm oil production from 70 palm trees. Photos of Thai farm for sale. The plantation has:

  1. Just under 20 rai of farm land about 500 metres from a rubber buying market.
  2. A perennial spring which feeds a newly excavated dam stocked with fish. See photo of plantation dam above. Recently it feed a family of 6 people for 4 meals of fresh fish..
  3. A new sealed road on northern side and dirt road on the eastern side.
  4. Grid electrical power along the northern side.
  5. Mains water pipe along the northern side.
  6. A hut used for shelter of rubber tappers during the raining season.
  7. Close only 17 km from where the new high-speed train through Nong Khai is planned to cross into Nong Khai from Lao. This means access to markets.
  8. Mobile phone/internet coverage.

Farm Sale reason: In 2018 Sureeporn's father and farm caretaker Chomsin died at Nong Khai Hospital.

Below is a 2018, 360 degree, virtual reality video. You can pan the view point around with your mouse or see this Thai farm with dam for sale in 3D by placing your smart phone in VR goggles. See Chomsin fishing in the perennial feed farm dam 2 weeks before he died.

Make an appointment via our contact page if you want VR Video production of your property for sale in Thailand.

Mekong riverfront land for sale, Nong Khai, under 500,000 Baht

60 rai of 8 year old rubber trees for sale @ 120,000 baht per rai = 7,200,000 baht negotiable rubber tree plantation property investment at Ban Dan Si Suk, Nong Khai. Location on the Google Map of Thailand.

Rubber Tree Plantation For Sale, Northern Thailand

60 rai for sale in Nong Khai, Thai border province for under 8 million baht.


Access to land and tenure information in Thailand, as well as accuracy and reliability of information, are essential inputs to current policy-making in the three key areas of poverty alleviation, environmental protection and improvement of access to capital markets.

Discussions on the current status of the collection of land tenure data highlight both shortcomings and potential areas for improvement. The advantages that Thailand may appear to enjoy with respect to neighbouring countries are the existence of multiple databases, and the availability of a critical mass of qualified statisticians and technicians with years of experience in collection, computation and analysis of data. In recent decades, Thailand has also made large investments in building the digital databases with comprehensive socio-economic and physical data. The shortcomings highlighted in this article, however, show that the fragmented approach and coordination constraints have limited the practical value of the information available. Higher practical value can be gained if the multiple stand-alone databases can be linked. This would make it possible both to broaden and to deepen the analysis. The article has also highlighted an area of change that will directly influence land administration, particularly at the local level: this is the change brought about by the overall trend towards decentralization, which will result in expanding responsibilities of local governments for collection of land taxes as well as the use of revenues in management of natural resources (land being one of the most important). This is an area where Thailand, similar to other countries in the region, will face challenges in building capacity and developing a land and tenure database that is of practical value to support the work of local governments.

This Thai land tenure article has made reference to the policy areas that are aimed at improving both land administration and the potential to maximize the utility of land resources to respond to social, economic and environmental concerns. Two recently launched policies, namely poverty alleviation and assets capitalization, highlight the shortcomings and the limited value of existing land and tenure data systems. The ideally, existing land and tenure data could be readily accessed so that both policies can be launched with the minimal amount of effort to verify information. As with many other preceding policies, the time lag in implementing land policies can often be traced back to the need to collect and verify information. This raises the question of the cost-effectiveness of public investments in land and tenure data and the limited practical value of the databases created, which results from having placed greater importance on the needs of institutions in having their own databases over considerations of what the data would be used for.

More contact phone numbers for property real estate agent in Nong Khai specialising in promotion of rural farm land sales in Nong Khai, booming border province of Thailand where property investment has had good returns on investment and will continue to do so after the high-speed train passes through Nong Khai province