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We are agents of property for sale in Thailand including:

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  3. Agricultural land for sale in Thailand, farming land including rice, rubber, palm oil and pineapple plantations.

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We have property agents in north Thailand's border province of Nong Khai and south Thailand. Below are photos of property for sale in Thailand. Contact us if you want to advertise your property for sale or if you want to buy property in Thailand.


Use the Thai land area converter spreadsheet to convert rai to/from metric square metres, hectares (1000 sq m), imperial acres square ft etc.


Good value, affordable price, feature of the month house for sale in Thailand. It's a bargain Nong Khai house price for sale at less than 1 million baht. Phone Sureeporn (Phone +61 401035844) the seller. Property prices in border provinces, especially Nong Khai have risen in anticipation of the high speed rail through Nong Khai. After the death of her father in 2018 Suree wants to sell this home on 2 rai of land. She dropped the cost of this land/house for sale in Nong Khai to the bargain price of 800,000 baht. This is a brick and tile family home for sale in the border province of Nong Khai, Thailand with an established tropical garden of fruiting mango trees etc.. The house overlooks a big lake on top of on a plateau above the Mekong River, 18 kilometres upstream from Vientiane, the capital city of Lao. It's 4 kilometres from Wat Hin Mak Peng and 11 km from the new NongKhai Skywalk, half kilometre from the Vang Vieng Mekong view lookout and 2 km from the beautiful Clearwater Lake. The 2 rai property is on the same plateau as the Skywalk in Nong Khai. Half a kilometer away is a huge plateau top fishing lake. (See ). The beautiful established garden is full of mango trees and other tropical fruits. See the video of the front garden and house for sale. Click below to start a slide show of photos of houses and other properties for sale in Thailand.

House Land Property For Sale Thailand


Property prices in Thailand's border provinces have been rising faster than the rest of Thailand. This is especially so in the border province of Nong Khai where the high speed railway line is expected to carry the new high speed train service between Kunmin, China and Singapore via Vientiane, Nong Khai, Khon Kaen, Korat and Bangkok. Once the high speed train service is in operation, continued rising property prices will make property investment in Nong Khai, Thailand an even better proposition.

Property prices in Thailand are open to negotiation such as discount deal for both house and agricultural property prices or swap property in northern Thailand for house and land in southern Thailand, or other countries such as Australia or New Zealand.

High speed Thailand railway line map.


If you want our Thai real estate agents to act as your real estate agent / property buying / selling negotiator:

  1. Our agents fee is 15,000 baht plus,

  2. Costs such as content production, travel costs, media buying for online advertising if directed by the seller plus,

  3. Commission of 2% of the sales price. That's the cheapest real estate sales commission in Thailand.

  4. In the case of commercial properties such as resort hotels for sale in Thailand over 60 million baht, the commission is negotiable @ less than 2%. That is, a flat fee commission.

  5. Looking for Australian hotel investment in your Thai hotel for sale? Contact the best business brokers in Perth Australia.

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