YMCA of South Hampton Roads Staff Apparel

A Standard of Excellence: Dressing the Part

The YMCA is dedicated to providing high quality services and YMCA programs that create belonging. Your appearance and work attire should reflect our commitment to our high standards of quality in all areas of our facilities and the Y experiences we create. As part of that standard of excellence, all employees must present a positive and service-focused image by maintaining a neat, clean, professional, well-groomed appearance at all times.

This website outlines the requirements and expectations of how our team shows up to create belonging.

The Service Focused Image

The YMCA exists to serve its members and the community. When employees of the YMCA are working, they must show their readiness to Create Belonging. We Create Belonging by an "approach-first" experience. We are nurturing and genuine. We speak first, we are enthusiastic, we seek to help and assist, we find solutions, and we forge meaningful connections. This means:

  • We greet everyone who enters our YMCA.

  • We smile, maintaining eye contact with a welcoming expression—we are on stage.

  • We dress the part. Our attire and uniforms are immaculate.

  • We take pride in our personal appearance and grooming.

  • We wear our name tags and proper uniforms to be easily identifiable to our community.

  • We are friendly, helpful, and courteous.

  • We thank members for the opportunity to have been of service

  • We offer assistance and make sure members’ needs have been addressed.

  • We offer to be of further service as needed.

In order to avoid detracting from the YMCA’s Service-Focused image, employees should remain mindful of their conduct while wearing clothing or name badges which identify them as YMCA representatives when they are not working.

Name Badge & Lanyard

Every YMCA employee must display a YMCA-issued name badge either on their upper right chest or on their YMCA-issued lanyard. Only YMCA-issued recognition pins can be displayed on lanyards.

Fashion Imagery & Messaging

The YMCA acknowledges that fashion is an important element of self-expression and belonging for many employees, and the YMCA does not wish to interfere with employees’ choices in that regard. However, employees must remain mindful of the YMCA’s organizational values and their obligation to present a positive image when considering whether and how to adorn themselves in the workplace. Because employees represent the YMCA when they are in the workplace, they are not permitted to display any pins, tattoos, jewelry or other articles of fashion which depict, express, or reflect hostility, violence, intolerance, profanity, obscenity, nudity, drug-use, or other matter which the YMCA determines to be inconsistent with the YMCA’s organizational values or to conflict with the Service-Focused Image. 

Dress Code Safety Considerations

Employees whose dress or appearance may interfere with their performance of duties or pose a risk to the safety of the employee or others will be informed of the position’s applicable rules or standards. These include:


Hair that obstructs an employee's visions or interferes with an employee's performance must be pulled back and secured so that it does not fall forward.


There are employees who hold positions in which the length or shape of nails may interfere with the employee's performance of duties or pose a risk to the safety of the employee or others.


There are employees who hold positions in which some jewelry poses a risk to the safety of the employee or others. For example, Stay & Play/Interactive Zone Staff may not wear "hoop" earings for the safety of them and the children they are serving.