SETI Talks

Rita Wechsler of Stanford Kavli Institute came by in October 2009 to talk about Galactic Dark Matter Halos and what we know about them.

Lee Smolin of the Perimiter Institute came by in June 2013 to talk about his latest book and The Evolution of the Laws of Physics.

Joe Polchinski of UC Santa Barbara spoke in October 2013 on the Black Hole Information Paradox and his efforts to use string theory to learn more about quantum gravity.

In November 2011, John Stillwell of Monash came by to discuss the possible ways in which ET Math could be different and similar to our own.

Lance Dixon of Stanford came by in September 2011 to discuss whether we actually need String Theory.

John Baez of UC Riverside talked in December 2013 on the threat of terrestrial climate change and his program to tackle the continuing problem.

Marusa Bradac of Kavli Institute came by in Feb 2014 to talk about the recent dark matter observations of the Bullet galaxy and similar objects.

Luciianne Walkowicz came by in November 2014 to discuss the rise of machines and mining exoplanets databases like the Kepler archive.

Joe Lykken ofFermilab came by in November 2014 to talk about the ambitions of the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson.

In March 2016, Stephen Wolfram came by to talk about the potential differences of ET Math and the 'Computational Universe".

Michael Peskin of Stanford came by in July 2016 to talk about how the LHC can constrain the mass of the suite of partner particles predicted by supergravity.

Jason Wright of UPenn came by in November 2016 to discuss Artifact SETI and the latest info on Tabby's Star, a mysterious Kepler discovery.

Tim Goudge of UT Austin came by in Feb 2017 to give a talk on his work on the delta system of Jezero crater, the landing site of Mars 2020.