+Terraforming and Nuclear Rovers on Mars

Here's a recording of the 19 October 2022 JJJ chat with Dr. Lucy and Dr. Karl:

+ Shirtloads of Science with Dr. Karl!

It was a huge honour to have a talk with the inimitable Dr. Karl in New York in December of 2021 about the Mars2020 mission and science in general - and great to give him a mystery gift - find out what it is in the podcast:

+ Kids Week at USS Intrepid!

It was a huge honour to have our one year landing anniversary at USS Intrepid in New York City. Thanks to Sarah Marcotte at JPL and the awesome staff at the Intrepid Museum for organising. Here is a talk from that event:

+ Video with Karl Kruszelnicki!

Just recorded a video for grade five in NSW, Australia, with Dr Karl. Check it out below. Thanks Scott Sleep and Ben Newsome for organising!

+ We've landed!

Perseverance has landed at safely at Jezero ... Adrian chatted to the Australian Today Show about the landing just 30 mins before it touched down!

+Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina

+ SETI Institute M2020 Landing Party!

+NEWSNow from Fox News

+CBS47 KSEE in Fresno, California

+ COSPAR2021 Congress

On February 2nd 2021, Adrian delivered the public lecture at the virtual COSPAR conference. The topic of the talk was "What is it like to work on the Mars2020 rover?" and you can watch it here.

+Mars Society Conference

On October 15th 2020, Adrian did an plenary on the first day of the conference and spoke about Mars 2020 and the progress of the Mars Sample Return program.

+Praxical Interview on Habitable Worlds

On August 25th, Adrian did an interview with Luke Stellar for the Uni of NSW Science week Praxical series. We spoke about Mars and how it may one day it will become inhabited.

+Perseverance: A Martian Rover to Find Life?

Adrian hosted Janice Bishop and Pablo Sobron on August 19th 2020 for a discussion of the Mars2020 rover mission and the chances of finding biosignatures.

+SETI Live Interview - Will we Soon Have Proof of Martian Life?

Adrian did a "SETI Live" short interview on August 13 two weeks after launch with Seth Shostak on the Mars 2020 mission and we discussed the ways we might find life with the rover and back on Earth.

+NASA's next Mission to Mars - Perseverance (and a little Ingenuity)

Adrian did an online talk to the local library system on July 16th, two weeks before the launch of M2020 that has now been made available on Facebook, check out the link below:

+Mars 2020 and Potential Mars Sample Return

Adrian gave a talk at the local Community College in 2019 on the forthcoming Mars2020 mission and the potential segue to the Mars Sample Return mission. He talked about the perfect sample we might return, if it is to be found.

+Volatiles and Ices in the Polar Regions of Mars - the future is LIDAR

Adrian did a talk at NASA Goddard in 2017 on the detection and quantification of Martian polar volatiles using CRISM, and methods to extend the passive observations to active observations using a lidar mission to Mars.