Here are my first-author publications for easy access. Let me know if you are interested in collaborations on these topics!

Here is a list of pre-prints on the arXiv.

+ Papers and Maps in professional journals

  1. 'Mars 2020 team using Australian rocks in search for life on Mars' with C. E. Viviano, and T. A. Goudge (2020) Eos, 101, Published on 02 July 2020.

  2. 'Olivine-Carbonate Mineralogy of the Jezero Crater Region' (2020) with Christina Viviano and Tim Goudge Journal of Geophyscial Research - Planets 125 10.1029/2019JE006011 (open access pdf at JGR)

  3. ' Ultramafic Talc-Carbonate Unit' (2019) The North Pole Dome and Dresser Formation Field Guide', ed. Martin Van Kranendonk posted on arXiv arXiv:2002.10634

  4. 'Circular Polarization and Coherent Backscattering' (2017) posted on arXiv arXiv:1707.08444

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+ PhD Thesis

  1. 'Hyperspectral Mapping of Ancient Hydrothermal Systems' supervised by T. Cudahy and M. Walter (2006) Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, Macquarie University, 328 pages

+ Related Web articles

  1. 'Perseverance and the Search Amongst The Sand', Mars2020 team Blog Entry (22 Dec 2021)

  2. 'Discovering Life on Mars: How Aussie Rocks may hold the key', 9-News Australia Article by Kiersten Papasidero (29 Aug 2020)

  3. 'Will We Soon Have Proof of Martian Life?', SETI Institute Article by Seth Shostak (24 Jul 2020)

  4. 'Using Australian Analogs to Prepare for Mars 2020 at Jezero Crater', LPI Planetary News (21 July 2020)

  5. ' Serpentinization and the Astrobiological Potential of the Mars 2020 Landing Site ', (8 April 2020)

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  9. Looking for hints of extraterrestrial life, interview with (23 June 2014)

  10. 'MSL and the NASA Mars Exploration Program: Where we’ve been, where we’re going' by Adrian Brown (01 Aug 2012)

  11. 'The Time For Mars is Now' interview of Adrian Brown (27 Oct 2010)

  12. 'Future of Martian Exploration' by Adrian Brown (4 Aug 2010)

  13. 'Mars site may hold 'buried life'' by Victoria Gill (29 Jul 2010)

  14. 'NASA rides 'bucking bronco' to Mars' by Victoria Gill (17 Feb 2010)

  15. 'Mars Science Laboratory: The technical reasons behind its delay' by Adrian Brown (02 Mar 2009)

  16. 'Mars Science Laboratory: The budgetary reasons behind its delay' by Adrian Brown (02 Mar 2009)

  17. 'Astrobiology - The Universe, Episode 21' by Laura Verklan, Brown discusses life in hydrothermal environments

  18. 'President Obama's space policy: Learning From Eisenhower' by Adrian Brown (15 Sep 2008)

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  20. 'New Discovery on Mars: Ephemeral Polar Water Ice Mapped' by Emily Wanderer, (21 Feb 2008)

  21. 'How much does SETI require robots?' by Adrian Brown (21 Dec 2007)

Here are a couple of translations of interesting papers:

Bragg and Brown 1926 "Der Structur des Olivines"

link to original paper at Zeitshrift die Mineralogie:

my translation is here.

Hanke 1965, my translation is here.