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On 5 April 2017, Adrian did a talk at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland on volatiles and ices on Mars, including a section on applications of LIDAR to learning more about the Martian poles. The talk is here:

In August of 2017, Adrian did field work in Timmins, Canada with Pablo Sobron as part of the SETI Institute Astrobiology Institute team. While there, they did an interview with the local press which you can see here:

+ Mars Society Talk on The Martian Water Cycle

Adrian gave a plenary talk at the 2016 Mars Society Conference in Washington D.C. - this was a summary of the recent discovery of the north polar net deposition and net sulimation cycle in the north pole region of Mars - the video is here:

+ Asymmetric particle light scattering Talk

Adrian gave a talk in the 2016 NASA Exploration Science Forum held at NASA Ames in late July 2016. The talk summarized work on revealing the light scattering properties of asymmetric Rayleigh scattering (sub-micron) sized particles, here is the video here:

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+ Serpentinization on Mars Talk

Adrian gave the NASA Astrobiology Institute Director's Colloquium for October 2015 on the so-called Martian "talc-carbonate" hypothesis (the hypothesis that carbonate detected on Mars was formed by serpentinization of ultramafic lavas).

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+ Spectral Bluing on Asteroids Talk

Adrian gave a talk in July 2015 on spectral bluing effects on asteroids like Bennu (the Near Earth asteroid that will be visited by the OSIRIS ReX mission).

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+ SETI Seminar Intro

From 2008 to 2016, Adrian was the organiser of the SETI Institute Seminar Series, here is an introduction video here to give you an indication of what they covered.

+ SETI Seminar Talk

Adrian gave a talk in the SETI Institute Seminar Series on the Martian polar regions in 2008, here is the video here: