Content & Instruction Novice

Complete the following activities to earn the Digital Learning Competencies CEU's required for all administrators. You will need to sign in to your email accounts in order to access and submit the following forms and activities.

Part 1

Promoting and modeling positive digital citizenship


1 -

Complete the following annual CIPA requirements.

2 - Submit evidence of completing-Social Media (ppt) (Make sure you are signed into your school Gmail account in order to view the Slide Show.)

Print the following training verification sheet. Have each staff member sign their name, verifying they have received the 2018-2019 Social Media training.

3 - Ensure that each staff member completes the following Harassment , Bullying, and Social Media Video & Google Form

Part 2

Advancing and promoting digital competencies for teachers by exploring increased access, opportunity, and resources for professional growth.


1- Complete the linked Form about your school's Professional Development plan

Part 3

Researching and developing systems to analyze and share data.


1- Complete the linked Form describing your school plan for collecting and analyzing data

Part 4

Researching and developing systems for the acquisitions, vetting, creation, and implementation of digital content.


1- Complete the linked Form describing the purchased digital content in use at your school.