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Breaking: Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday there will be no new video this week (11/22/21), though case numbers below have been updated. Starting this week, charts will only go back 8 weeks as to keep them easy to read. However, the numbers will still show the full data since the start of the school year.

Check out last week's COVID update at from our Director of COVID Mitigation Pete Sullivan.

Please also see the subsequent video on the school vaccine mandate, which came out after this video was filmed.

Every week our director of COVID mitigation Pete Sullivan provides a video update to our Windsor community. Following community requests, we have made written transcripts of the videos available. The links to each can now be found with each individual video on our YouTube Channel.

Welcome to the COVID information portal for the Windsor Unified School District. Below you will find our current case counts and other data. On other pages you'll see information for students, families and staff, information on our District COVID protection plan, information on our testing and data management and what our current rules and policies surrounding COVID include.see answers to Frequently Asked Questions and be able to see the days and times testing is available through the district, as well as review each sites COVID safety plan and see some useful links for additional COVID information.

Bienvenido al portal de información de COVID para el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Windsor. A continuación, encontrará nuestros recuentos de casos actuales y otros datos. En otras páginas, verá información para los estudiantes, las familias y el personal, información sobre nuestro plan de protección COVID del distrito, información sobre nuestras pruebas y gestión de datos y lo que incluyen nuestras reglas y políticas actuales sobre COVID, verá las respuestas a las preguntas frecuentes y podrá ver los días y las horas en que las pruebas están disponibles a través del distrito, así como revisar el plan de seguridad COVID de cada sitio escolar y ver algunos enlaces útiles para obtener información adicional sobre COVID.

District Case & Quarantine Information

The information in these charts will be updated weekly, on Tuesdays, and are for the weeks referenced. Note: Numbers of students on modified quarantine can change as vaccinated students are identified in the contact tracing process.

District-Wide Quarantine Numbers

This chart and graph show historic data about quarantine numbers across the entire district.

Modified Quarantine numbers by site

This chart and graph shows historic data about the number of students who have been on modified quarantine since the start of the school year. Students on modified quarantine still attend class but are restricted in all other activities outside the home including extracurriculars and sports.

Full Quarantine Numbers By Site

This chart and graph shows historic data about the number of students who have been on full quarantine since the start of the school year. Students on full quarantine are required to stay home and out of the class room until cleared to return.

Total Case Numbers by Site

This chart shows the total case numbers by site in the Windsor Unified School District.