Noon-8 p.m.

Schenevus and Worcester Central Schools

Who can vote?

ƒResidents of the Schenevus and Worcester school districts who:

  • ƒ Are 18 and older

  • ƒ Have lived within the district for at least 30 days prior

How can I obtain an absentee ballot?

ƒCall your local district office for more information.

  • Schenevus CSD: 607-638-5530, ext. 412

  • Worcester CSD: 607-397-8785

In September's straw poll, residents of the Schenevus and Worcester central school districts approved a proposal to combine the two districts into a single district by annexation merger. A binding referendum will be held in December 2021. The outcome of the December vote will determine whether the districts merge. All eligible voters are strongly encouraged to vote in December. This vote is the final stage in the merger process.

Shared Commitments

The Schenevus and Worcester central school Boards of Education have developed an update to the Shared Values that were agreed upon at the start of the merger process. These shared commitments will guide the merger process if the proposal is approved by voters on Dec. 1.

Opinion Surveys

We want to thank all the voters who came out to weigh in on this very important issue and share their feedback in an exit survey. We also want to thank students, who shared their opinions about merger with the two school superintendents in September. Results of both of those surveys are provided below:

Merger Report: Fall 2021

From merger study to public vote

A history of mergers past and present

Facts and figures about our two school districts

What our districts will look like merged

What our districts will look like separate

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