More than two years ago, members of the Schenevus and Worcester school communities sat in an auditorium to hear a presentation titled “An Overview of School District Mergers.”

In the presentation, we heard about some of the reasons why school districts merge, including saving money, increasing opportunities for students, and reducing the local tax burden.

We also heard about some of the reasons why mergers can be difficult, like the fear of losing our local identity, the perception that our communities might be incompatible, concerns about job security, and the resistance that often accompanies change.

Two years later, these same issues are still on the table. But we know a great deal more about one another than we did back in 2019. We have learned that many of the issues that have made merger impossible for other districts — like long busing times, incompatible salary scales or vastly different student needs — are not the issues we face. We have learned that our communities care passionately about their schools and the students within them — and that our students have valuable insights into what they want and need from us.

We want to thank each and every one of you who have participated in this process — especially the community members who volunteered their time for the Merger Study Committee, but everyone who has tuned in to a livestream, come to a public meeting, made a phone call or sent an email so you could learn more about this merger.

Throughout this process, we have made every effort to be forthcoming and transparent with all the information available to us. We have held online forums and in-person meetings, taken countless questions by phone and email, and spent time at community events like the Strawberry Festival and Lawn Sales Days because we want to make sure that our communities have every opportunity to dig into this information. The information presented here is our effort to put together the sum of what we know up to this point about our two districts as we consider this proposed annexation merger. We encourage you, as always, to reach out with questions you may have. And most of all, we encourage you to vote on Sept. 22. We look forward to seeing you at the polls.

Supt. Theresa Carlin, Schenevus CSD

Supt. Tim Gonzales, Worcester CSD

Noon-8 p.m.

Schenevus and Worcester Central Schools

Why has a merger been proposed?

  • ƒ To address structural financial issues

  • ƒ To enhance opportunities for students

  • ƒ To minimize taxpayer burden

Who can vote?

ƒResidents of the Schenevus and Worcester school districts who:

  • ƒ Are 18 and older

  • ƒ Have lived within the district for at least 30 days prior

How can I obtain an absentee ballot?

ƒCall your local district office for more information.

  • Schenevus CSD: 607-638-5530, ext. 412

  • Worcester CSD: 607-397-8785

From merger study to public vote

A history of mergers past and present

Facts and figures about our two school districts

What our districts will look like merged

What our districts will look like separate

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