The Schenevus and Worcester Central School Districts entered into an annexation merger study in 2020. Between June and November 2020, the Schenevus and Worcester Merger Study Committee met with representatives of Castallo & Silky to review information about the districts in consideration of a merger in which Worcester would annex Schenevus. Merger materials are presented below.

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Merger Study Key Takeaways


The enrollment in each district has been declining and it is projected to continue to decline.

Educational Programs

In a merged district, students would have access to more academic, athletic, and other activities while keeping class sizes at 22 students or fewer.


Both buildings would be needed in a merged district. The secondary school could be located in Worcester and the elementary school could be located in Schenevus with no major renovations or additions.


The additional cost of transporting students in a merged district would be minimal.


The merged district could save approximately $690,000 by eliminating positions through attrition. If the district decides to level up teacher salaries, the cost would be approximately $170,000.


The state will provide a significant financial incentive to merge. This additional funding, as well as cost savings, would mean that taxes could be reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

A merger study is the required first step if two or more school districts are considering consolidation.

An annexation is a merger in which one district remains and the other is absorbed into it.

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CNY Homepage reports in April 2021 about how the districts are working together on the merger process.