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Merger Study To Begin April 2020

March 2020

As the Schenevus and Worcester Central School Districts move forward with a grant-funded merger study, there are several things we wanted you to know about this:

The boards voted for an annexation merger study.

This study will fully explore what an annexation merger would mean for both districts. This does not mean that a merger is definite, or even that it is the best path forward. There are still many questions about what could or should happen, and that is why we have begun this study: To help our communities make informed decisions, based on facts, about how to serve the best interests of our students.

We are partners in this process.

In agreeing to an annexation study, each district made some concessions.

For Worcester, that meant agreeing to a merger study that the district otherwise might not have sought. For Schenevus, that meant agreeing to annexation, which otherwise might not have been the district’s first choice. We did so believing that reaching an agreement was a more responsible course of action than walking away.

We have made a commitment to work together and identify the goals that we share, such as preserving jobs and keeping our school buildings open. Whatever course we pursue, our decisions will be guided by you. We know that by working together, we can reach the best decision, not only for our students, but for the entire communities we serve.

Theresa Carlin, Superintendent, Schenevus Central School

Tim Gonzales, Superintendent, Worcester Central School

Frequently Asked Questions

A merger study is the required first step if two or more school districts are considering consolidation.

An annexation is a merger in which one district remains and the other is absorbed into it.

Schenevus and Worcester face similar long-term challenges, but are in different situations. An annexation study is a compromise.

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