Student and Parent Guidance for Remote Learning

Introduction from Dawn Haywood, Deputy CEO

In order to limit any disruption to students' learning through this unprecedented time, learning continuity will be maintained through our G-Suite for Education platform. Students' physical, emotional and mental wellbeing alongside character development will continue to be supported through the Student and Parent Remote Learning Guidance site.

Our teachers across our Windsor Academy Trust family are incredibly hard working, conscientious and dedicated to students continued learning and wellbeing and we are rightfully proud of this. Teachers have worked exceptionally hard to ensure student learning continues.

How will my child access their work?

All students within Windsor Academy Trust can login to their Google account to access the Google Classroom: our wonderful tool to facilitate remote learning during this period. Students are required to login to their Google Classrooms daily, following their normal school timetable (unless they are ill, in which case follow school guidance). Through Google Classrooms students can access learning resources, complete assignments, respond to feedback left by teachers, communicate with teachers and watch screencasts (desktop recordings with audio narration made by the teacher).

Please see the videos below to help you support your child with building their confidence with Google Classroom:

Overview of Google Classroom

Submitting Work to Teachers

These videos can also be accessed from the ‘Google Tools’ menu on the left-hand side of the page.

How can my child contact their teacher or receive technical support if they are having problems?

The following links have been created in the menu on the left-hand side of the page to support your child:

  • Chromebook user guide - guidance on how to use a chromebook

  • Technical support requests - for any technical issues

Please note that students will be able to access a link for each school which contains additional tools to support students remote learning specific to the school they attend.

How can my child contact their teacher?

Students can contact their teacher for support and advice with their work through Google Classroom.

  • Contact your teacher - offers guidance on how your child can contact their teacher.

If there are questions relating to technical support, please direct these through the technical support requests rather than via a teacher.

Why is it important to have a school-like routine at home?

Having some structure through a daily routine along with at least one hour of exercise and physical activity each day will help your child’s physical health and well-being. We would recommend that you set up and try to stick to a daily schedule and, where possible, work alongside your child. Click on the exercise link in the menu at the left-hand side of this page for lots of ideas and links to activities. It is also important that on a daily basis your child gets some fresh air and sunshine.

Will my child receive feedback on their work?

It is unrealistic for all students to receive individual feedback on every piece of work they complete. Where possible, during normal school hours, staff will be available to communicate with students individually and collectively via Google Classroom.

How can I motivate my child?

This may be difficult as time goes on. However, having a school-like routine combined with some form of daily exercise will help your child to remain positive and have a strong focus throughout this difficult period.

Try to find ways of rewarding them. Catch them being great! Verbal praise can be the best reward of all or X minutes of time on their Xbox/TV. They could choose a movie that you all sit down and watch together for example.

You may wish to encourage your child to work collaboratively, online with their friends so that they can keep up as many peer interactions as they can.

How do I know that my child is working safely online?

Safeguarding students' welfare is of utmost importance to us. To ensure students safety while online and logged into their school account, the eSafe system will notify school of any unsafe internet usage.

My child was due to sit GCSE or A-Level exams this summer, what is going to happen?

The Government released on 3rd April the following letter to students due to sit exams this summer. Please read it carefully.

Year 11 and Year 13 Exam Update

We ask that parents and students refrain from contacting their schools and teachers regarding students' grades.

Students' Google Classrooms will evolve after Easter to support year 11 to prepare for post 16 and year 13 to prepare for University and Apprenticeships.

Year 11 and 13 students are asked to join their tutor group Google Classroom on a regular basis (as advised by their school).

We will keep parents up-to-date with any new information that we have on this.

Finally, we hope you find this site useful. Thank you to our students for your commitment to your learning and to parents for your continued support.

Wishing you and your family stay safe and well.