uss abilene - Cirrus

USS Abilene

Built by Globe Shipbuilding Co, Superior, Wisconsin, USA

Launched on 21 Aug 1943

uss abilene - cirrus

USS Abilene undergoing conversion to Cirrus


Sold to the Netherlands on 5th May 1947 and converted to Weather Ship Cirrus

First in service on 11th Sep 1947


The Dutch Weathership Cirrus taken from Weather Monitor

© Richard Woodman

The Dutch Weather ship Cirrus taken from Weather Surveyor

© Bill Howard

Cirrus taken from Explorer in 1953 at Station Juliet

© Alan Douglas

Cirrus relieving Surveyor at Station Kilo

© Bob Reid

In Rotterdam in 1966

© Yvonne Thompson

Captain A. Koster and Chief Officer J.W. Fredericks in Dec 1962

© Marvin Bolotsky

Taken out of service in 6th Aug 1970


Berthed at Hendrik-Ido waiting to be scrapped in 1970

© Jan Fernhout

On 2nd Nov 1973 Cirrus was towed to Bilbao, Spain for scrapping