My Model Weathership

I am building a model Weather ship from Meccano parts, The model will be a full hull profile type (not a waterline model) taken from model and shipbuilders plans of a Castle Class ship and modifying the superstructure to the Weather ship role. The completed model will be sprayed in "Weather ship" colours and will be nearly a Metre in length

Frames bent to shape to form the basic hull form and attached to the keel

Bow taking shape

Hull framework complete

Plating applied to stbd side of hull, all nuts and bolts to be replaced with rivets later

Work started on Port side (the battered state of the plates will reflect the actual ships state later in their life!!!!!)

Hull plating finished and some deck plates tried for size

I will re-work the bow profile to match the plans better

Stern view showing rudder and prop shafts

Making a start on riveting the hull with approx 750 rivets (the rivets obviously are not to scale but still give the desired effect as at the end of the day it is only a model!!)

Port side almost complete

Internal view of the hull

Making a start on the deck plates

Starboard side riveting almost complete