Audio & Video

This footage was taken by my father on 8mm home movie film in the 1970's.

Footage of the last handover between Cumulus and Starella in 1985 when Cumulus became the only remaining weather ship

Footage originally sent to me by Piet de Vries on Video tape

Documentary filmed aboard Weather Adviser in 1965

Click the picture to listen to a comedy sketch about weather ships from the radio show Round the Horne

Originally broadcast in May 1968

Below are 5 videos taken in 1947 onboard Weather Explorer

Footage of a mail drop in 1948 (no audio)

Christmas mail for a weather ship 1969 (no audio)

Weather Observer 1952

Loading Of Mail And Christmas Fare For Weather Ship (1959)

Aboard the Cumulus

Footage of Cumulus (I) leaving Rotterdam and duties performed onboard

Click the screenshot for a radio Interview with Brian Booth talking about WW2 weather ships