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From Ms. Lien's Spanish Students

Lecciones que abrazan,

Palabras bailan con arte,

Español, fulgor.


Clase de encanto,

Palabras danzan con luz,

Aprender es paz.

Biografías brillan, Clase fuerte, como familia,

Gran Hotel, palomitas.


From Ms. Honeycutt's Science Students

Science is fun                                                        

Plants need the sun

--Alek M.

Volcanoes form in the earth's crust

And shoot off a ton of dust


Plants and animals need to work together!

Just like two birds of a feather!

--Ivanna Odarba

Genes weave trains with diversity

Bio's fabric, Life's tapestry.


In cells so small, life's secrets hide.

DNA whispers in every cell inside

--Brittany S.

In laboratories, minds ignite,

Exploring the mysteries of day and night.

--Quamere Lucas


Powerhouse in each cell's heart,

Energize life's spark.

--Dahlia Bora-Gibson

Atoms dune unseen,

Lab coasts wear inquired dreams

Nature's Secrets steam

--Tomny Kubashi

Life's tapestry weaves,

cells hum with their intricate code,

Nature's song alive.


Biology is

very important. It is

the study of life.

--Leah N.

Sunlight fuels the leaves,

Plants turn light into life's breath,

natures magic dance.

--Yureli Arellano

The study of why

These questions will be answered

God, I love science

--Lea Katsai

Oxygen, carbon, doesn't work at night.

Can't forget to use the sunlight.

-- Hunter Anderson

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