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*IMPORTANT: We understand that these are challenging times for many families. As such, although the initial KWrap deposit requires tuition for September and June, we will refund half of your deposit (June tuition) within the next few weeks. The June tuition will be re-billed at a later date.*

Online registration for the K-Wrap program via our district website will open on March 20, 2020 and will remain open until 9 p.m. on April 1, 2020.

Parents will be notified about enrollment no later than May 15, 2020.

K-Wrap Elementary School Information


40 Geoffrey Way

Phone: (973) 633-3150

Principal: Suzana Adamo

Secretary: Barbara Doster

Nurse: Lisa Silva, R.N.

AM K Wrap Instructor: Michele Ablaschai

AM K Wrap Assistant: Theresa Pisani


51 Clifford Drive

Phone: (973) 633-3125

Principal: Ethan Maayan

Secretary: Carol Occhiuzzi

Nurse: Sharon Kuchar, R.N.

AM K Wrap Instructor: Carly Soojian

AM K Wrap Assistant: Georgette Loffredo-Fleming


1310 Ratzer Road

Phone: (973) 633-3160

Principal: Kolleen Myers

Secretary: Lise Quinn

Nurse: Kathleen Peragallo, R.N.

AM K Wrap Instructor: Nancy Walsh

AM K Wrap Assistant: Sharon Grady


100 Laauwe Avenue

Phone: (973) 633-3165

Principal: Matthew Kriley

Secretary: Nancy Cataneo

Nurse: Elizabeth Tengwall, R.N.

AM K Wrap Instructor: Marian Anderson

AM K Wrap Assistant: Anna Marie Jelderks

PM K Wrap Instructor: Linda Marchesini

PM K Wrap Assistant: Anna Giuliano


190 Oakwood Drive

Phone: (973) 633-3170

Principal: Roger Rogalin

Secretary: Pat Hassert

Nurse: Aimee Bongiovanni, R.N

AM K Wrap Instructor: Emily Potosnak

AM K Wrap Assistant: Denise Hammer

PM K Wrap Instructor: Jackie McGarrity

PM K Wrap Assistant: Jennifer Manansala


511 Pines Lake Drive

Phone: (973) 633-3175

Principal: Jose Celis

Secretary: Margie Kimmel

Nurse: Susan Napolitano, R.N.

AM K Wrap Instructor: Sierra Locicero

AM K Wrap Assistant: Chelsea Lounsbery

PM K Wrap Instructor: Katherine Stocker

PM K Wrap Assistant: Kristen DiPeri


531 Alps Road

Phone: (973) 633-3145

Principal: Jeffrey Wojcik

Secretary: Marie Motisi

Nurse: Kim Depetris, R.N.

AM K Wrap Instructor: Fran Cuccinello

AM K Wrap Assistant: Jenna Cooke

PM K Wrap Instructor: Amanda Greco

PM K Wrap Assistant: Lorraine Gerardo


55 Webster Drive

Phone: (973) 633-3155

Principal: Necole Jadick

Secretary: Marie Wardle

Nurse: Julia Kelly, R.N.

AM K Wrap Instructor: Joy Armitage

AM K Wrap Assistant: Melissa Kramer-Oswald

PM KWrap Instructor: Lisa Swayngin

PM KWrap Assistant: Gena Hakim

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